Food Tourism

Food, Food, Food.

When people normally travel to different destinations they are more than happy to check out the Mega malls, Festivals, Shows, and Events. In which leads to a quick bite of something  that they do not  know as to what they are eating .That  leads to an awkward feeling or  a weird and wonderful  memory  about something being left out.

That is  Food!

Traveling  means going to a different countries or cities   to experience and learn about the people who reside in that country or city. So when someone travels and tells you all about there travels, but tells you that they ate fast food most of the time. Buddy/Sister/ Brother you have not really traveled !

With more than  7 Billion people in this word it is  very hard not to find a food store that sells the inhabitants cuisine. From street food, canned food, wrapped food, frozen food to  fine dinning there is plenty and more to go around.

With a variety of colors, shapes, tastes, smells and smiles created from food. To the recollections of stories and events that happened around food. All contributes to the tinny details that actually say that yes i have been to someone else country and traveled. Which leaves you with a warm and fuzzy filling as to when you reach your door step at home ,or informing your friends about your exotic travels.

So when you travel, try to keep a balance between fast food and the local delicacies.

Happy travels.


Hidden Gems in Africa.

Africa a vast continent with more 54 countries has more than plenty to offer to any traveler. Whether, it is Beach Tourism, Safari Tourism or Wellness Tourism Africa has it. However, there is a bone of contention ,in which seems to make travelling just a little bit hard.

Gems, Gems , Gems. What do i mean. Hidden Gems in Africa.  There are a great deal of hotels that have not been located, but kept away from the public eye. Hidden out of public reach, and kept in the depths of the different African countries.Hotels located in  scenes that don’t just take your breather away. That is just to cliche. We are talking about scenes  that will capture your heart and soul, places that are just to hard to forget once visited. This  burning sense of belonging is longed for once a particular area is visited and then left.

Resorts as they are well know, make sure that  customers don’t just have an experience. That is a word for the past. Resorts connect with people with there surrounding area to give the ultimate not life changing but life rewording events in peoples lives.

The only problem is finding these hidden gems as they are kept out of reach, and finding them online is out of the question. The only way to find these hidden gems  in Africa is to obtain references.

Good luck on your search for your gem.

2015 planned Tourism activities that will be taking place in Africa

Africa, a continent that is full of dancing, music, cultural fashion and art is a vibrant and dynamic continent. Tourism is on the rise, as a great deal of activities are going to be taking place all over the continent. Keeping up with all these activities is time consuming. Never the less, this is Africa and where ever you move your head some form of activity is taking place.

There is a range of activities that are going to be taking place on the African continent that include Kenya. “The Great Migration” is going to be taking place that is in July to October. The great migration is an attraction that one must plan well in advance.

Rwanda, a country full of natural beauty, and lively people. who welcome their foreign counter parts by showing them a good time. Intore Dance Troupes also now as “The Chosen ones” used to carry out dances in front of the royal court. This can be seen at the National Museum of Rwanda or at the Iby’ Iwacu cultural village in Musanze.

In the West, Ghana gets ready to engage with its January festivals that are going to be taking place. That includes the Rice Festival, Edina Buronya Festival, and a variety of festivals in the course of the year.
In the South, South Africa gets ready to show off Cape Town, and the Cape Peninsula with plenty of other attractions to offer the curious traveler.

These are only but a few of the activities that are going to happening in Africa. So what are you waiting for? Be amazed by the color, and the diversity in which Africa has to offer.

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A new year with plenty to offer from Africa

Africa, a vast continent with plenty to offer such as safaris, beaches, story-telling, and the African experience.

The African experience can only be experienced once you’re in Africa, and to experience that, well that is one to remember for a life time. From the safaris that are enjoyed out in the open game parks, in which the Big 5 (Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino) and the Small 5 ( Elephant shrew, Buffalo Weaver Bird, Rhino Beetle, Leopard Tortoise, Antlion) can be seen on this side of the African continent. A variety of beaches for the lifestyle traveler who enjoys the sun, who are able to enjoy the sun all year round, with beautiful weather. For the traveler who in interested in folk-tails, there is plenty in store, as there are a variety of enchanting stories to be told.

The year 2014 has gone along with all its problems and successes , and we have ushered in the new year 2015 with singing, dancing, fire-works and praise. Thus the only thing that we can await for is what Africa has in store for the yearning traveler this year.

Happy new year
And let’s start traveling.
By sola.

Hospitality Research Within African Countries:

Research is a vital part of any business to grow and also for any sector to know what is happening, and what might be the next big thing. That is to say that research is a vital part of a developing sector and plays a part in bringing investors on board ( Local or International).

There is a lack of research in terms of hospitality that has not been carried forward and up to date as to the movement of people within a country. The required details as to make sure that the sector is knowledgeable of the different parts of the country that people are interested in, and also their mode of transportation. This is to say that, this will lead to further and quicker development within the hospitality industry in different African countries. When investors have the required information as to where to put their capital, they will be more inclined to participate in investing.

However this is not only focused on the foreign market but also on the local market. As with any case, as do most hospitality businesses turn to the local clientele, when there is strife and unpredictability in the country. This makes hospitality businesses slow in coming up with a plan to quickly target certain markets. The best thing that a service business can do is rely on their in house data and use that, and target certain people to promote a certain product. This not only helps businesses know how to react to certain problems but to make sure that they know what to offer to the local market and know their likes and dislikes. If one is to see, the movement of a local person who inhibits the land is different as to a foreigner who visits the country once. The needs of the local person are different from the foreigner who comes in for a few days . That is to say that the foreigner is not in the country for a long time.

There are great advantages as to participating in research that is extensive and continues. This allows for continues assessment of the country that one promotes. Individuals are able to pin-point at an instant where investment is required and also how the local inhabitance are able to start up business that may specifically target the local market. Furthermore research allows for continues assessment in which provides information that individuals are able to learn from the past, plan for the present and plan for the future.

Most people will complain that continues assessment is time consuming and consumes a great deal of capital. However the advantages out way the disadvantages thus making a country more knowledge about its own product. For some they maybe surprised to see that the country has undesired infrastructure as to support the know product that they are promoting. Moreover to even find a new product that complements the country in which allows for a diversified clientele to visit there country.

Research can be done quarterly or biannually or even annually for starters. The most important thing is that research is continuously carried out and up-to-date.

By sola

How about you spend the night in an Underwater Room at the Seychelles?

With new innovations taking place in the Hotel industry, means a better experience for guests. Everyone is aware of swimming with the fishes that is common; however things have been taken a little bit further than just a swim. How about sleeping with the fishes! In a fully furnished room, with glass windows to look outside of your underwater room and be amazed. Plunged in the Indian Ocean not too far from the main Island is the Manta Resort’s Magical underwater room. The underwater room is located close to the Zanzibar Pemba Island.

The room was built by a Swedish company called Genberg Underwater Hotels. The room has three levels in which the first level is the landing deck. Guests are welcomed onboard which has a lounge, fridge and bathroom amenities. After the landing deck guests are able to make their way up a ladder in which has a lounge for guests to lounge around and look at the stars by night and a stunning sun set in the evening.

Thus come down two levels and you make your way to the ground floor or your underwater room. Large windows allow guest to see fishes  swimming. Some fish and other curious underwater animals take their time to check out their new underwater visitors. The site is truly amazing as the whole experience is captured and felt and soaked up by guests. It’s a little bit hard to forget such an  experience.

With all of these breath taking experiences does not come cheap. Deep pockets are required as a night goes for $1500. This depends on the time of the season and also the demand for the room. However apart from the price the experience is worth it as you will always know that you really did have  a night underwater with fishes literally at your bed side.

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Books galore: The Namibia Tourism Expo will host ” The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert” Book show case.

Two new books will be released by Mannfred Goldbeck on Namibian Natural history that will be show cased at the Tourism Expo in  the early days of June.

Namibia is a country that host wild horses and so Goldbeck has taken the extra  step further to document and comment and create a book on these natural wonders of the wind. “The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert” is the name of the book, it talks about the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation who helps protect horses from unwanted disturbances in the Sperrgebiet National Park. The Namibia Wild Horses Foundation was established  in 2012 as it was to facilitate the creation of  awareness and protection of horses to the general public. The book “Wild Horses of the Namib Desert which was written by Dr Greyling  with Goldbeck and Ron Swiling. The book will make its arrival on the 4th to 7th of June at the Namibia Tourism Expo.

The horses that live in the desert have been able to live and survive on the little that is around and only man has been providing water for the horses. “It is the principle of natural selection which helps to maintain a strong gene pool” said stold. Stold explained that human intervention should be limited as much as possible. “if , for example the number of animals is dropping to such an extent that the gene pool becomes too small or if, after years of good rains  their numbers rise to a level  which exceeds the capacity of their grazing area and would result in widespread deaths at the onset of drought”

Wild horses are fascinated  as they have no limits to their  interaction with natural encounters. The books sounds for a fantastic read and interesting understanding for nature lovers who are fascinated by horses. The Namibia Tourism Expo that will be taken place on the 4th-7th of June is going to be a blast with the show case of the “Wild Horses of the Namib Desert.

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