Eagle View:Mara Naboisho

The Base camp explore group  is a Kenyan owned business which work in the hospitality sector. They have many hotels which are around Kenya and some of them are based in Maasai Mara.  Base camp explores group are in charge of the Eagle view hotel in the Maasia Mara and where rated among the top 10 Eco-lodges in the world. They offer many activities at  their lodge such as walking safaris. You are not bound to a car. You get to walk around in the wild and that sounds like a lot of fun.

 They have Eco-safaris,bird walks ,walking safari,Game drives, Ballon safaris and community tours.

source: Basecamp group, http://www.basecampkenya.com/Green-Safari-Lodges/Basecamp-Eagle-s-View




Increase of investment in africa

The African market has been growing and growing and the passe at which it is expanding is fast and big. Africans are looking for markets to spend their hard earned money and so creates the opportunists for hotel to come in as also tourism services. International names like Hiltion,Marriot , and Accor are taking advantage of the opportunity.  The Protea hotel which is south African is tapping into the market As it has business around Africa just to mention a few like Zambia, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Ghana and their is more . Africa s total GDP is around 4.8. Now that is very big and when you have countries hitting GDPs of more than 6 that shows that their is potential in thesis countries.

source: Commercial Property News


Increase in booking in kenya

The tourism market is soon to be rising as tourist are making their bookings into the country. August is set to have a big boom as tourist have been booking for the Great migration that will be happening very soon. As also the domestic tourist are placing booking to enjoying the holiday as schools will be closing over the august holiday. The expected guest are hopefully going to be flooding into the allocated regions around Kenya to see the animals and also enjoy the sun.

Source: Mathias Ringa


Tanzania: imposed with VAT

Tanzania a very peaceful and secure country has been hit hard with a imposed VAT  on to its tourism products. With the increase of VAT this make the country more expensive for tourist and locals  have a good time. 

The VAT imposed will make Tanzania a uncompetitive  country to its neighboring  countries and miss out on striking opportunity.Tourism is a tremendous opportunity that brings foreign income into the country.