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The convention of international trade in Endangered species of wild fauna and flora. This is a international agreement between governments that they will help to stop or protect  trading  of species which can hurt animals  or the environment.


You should check out the site has a lot of good information.

Online Permits for tour operators in Tanzania

The ministry of natural resources and tourism started the shift from analogue to digital on July 1st 2013. They are accessible  over the internet and one can fill them in individually or can get help from their operator.

The forms can be filled  individually or they can completed  with the help of the operator. If you are to get help from the operator you  are to go to there offices . Their offices include Tourist  hunting , CITES and photographic tourism office in Arusha, Selous Game reserve at Mtemere entry games  and wildlife Division headquarters in Dar es salaam.

Regulation 4 of the wildlife conservation regulation  of 2008  requires all tourist operators to have a permit from the director of wildlife before conducting any tourism outside of the national parks and conservations.

Prior consent is needed from the director of wildlife  in order for commercial and re-creative activities like photography, filming; rafting ; canoeing  and balloon flight  and more  to take place.

Businesses or Investors who participate in the use of non consumptive wildlife  utilization  are meant to have  their company registered by a competent  authority  in Tanzania . They are to follow the general management plan of the area.

The move from analog to digital is a very smart move. Not only does this mean that time will be saved but this gives a lot of people the chance to start up businesses much faster than  to wait for days and weeks for something to be processed. The shift from old school to digital is slowly taking its toll on Africa as a positive thing. We can only wait and see the effects of the digital system which i hope will have a positive effect for Tanzania.


If you have onl…

If you have only taken a step out the door of your country and not on to the lands of Africa clearly we can say that you have not been around the world.

A lot of people say that they have traveled around the world but they have forgotten the one place where the animals run wild and the culture of people is around. Dances and singing is what people from foreign countries are   able to hear and see . Africa is a place where you experience a lot of dancing,singing, smiling people, and a developing economy.Step out of the borders of your country and make your way to destination Africa.  


Culutre is apart of African nations and it is very hard to escape . why would you? The video shows you Ghana and how fun it is. For the adventure seek this would be a good experience for them to take a trip to Ghana. If you like football trust me you will be able to find someone who talks and loves football as much as you do.

the people are warm and their is much to learn and history that you can pick up from the country.

As they say in Ghana” Akwaaba”


Ghanaian Festivals lined up for August:

Akwaaba  as they say in Ghana which means welcome. Ghana a very friendly and interesting place for people to visit.

The country has lined up several festivals for the month of August  which include

Asafotu-Fiam Festival:

Which celebrates the warriors who have been to battle and those who have fallen in battle . It is a time when the warriors celebrate and give thanks to their ancestors. This is demonstrated by the Ada people. 


This is celebrated on the last Sunday of every august by the  “Nkusukun” chefs and people  of the salt pound traditional area. This is a festival show casing how the Nkusukun people migrated from the Techiman  area to the Odambea area. This festival gives you the tourist the ability to see and learn how Nkusukun people used to move around and survive. 

Afenorto( staying at home) festival: 

This is a time when people take stoke of their lives and evaluate where they are and what they want to do in the future. This is also a time when young men are introduced to their potential partners . ( This is a very interesting festival as this helps people  keep up to date with their current circumstance in life and for them to reflect and learn from the past. So that they will understand why they are at their current situation. This helps them regain their selves   and plan for the future). 

Just to mention a few more for the month of August is:

Ahoba Kese Festival 

Edim Kese Festival 

Equadoto Festival 

They are more festivals  on the ghana tourism website. so check out the source. 

source of information:

Tourism co-operation talks between Kenya and Angola

 The ambassador of Kenya to Angola has taken a trip to Angola to try and get  hold of  a partnership with the two countries to improve tourism and in agriculture.  The talks are being held in the capital city of  Huila , Lubango . The ambassador of Kenya explained the potential of a partnership with the two countries and how Kenya’s tourism experiences could help Angola.

This sounds like a very promising venture if the two countries are to come to terms with an agreement. The countries will not only obtain tourism potential but will be able to share knowledge on how to improve things with in their countries and also seek and help economical ties with the  countries.