Opening of the Kogi’s confluence Beach Hotel

The Kogi’s confluence beach hotel is a new hotel that is going to be opened in Nigeria . The hotel is said to  have a golf course , swimming pool , air conditioned rooms , restaurant and bar , conference facilities , free Wifi  and more .  The hotel has a total of 100 rooms and is going to be opened soon. The contacted developer who  are Messrs Enyser limited delivered a proposed plan  of the hotel. The hotel is said to boost the amount of hotels in Nigeria and also to help cater to the tourism market.

Barrister Thomas Acholo explained that the government wants to tap into the tourism industry and help explore the tourism potential that the country has to offer. It was also said that Lokoja is a good place for investors to make their way and invest in the hospitality industry. 

MR Ebuh  said that the hotel is ideal for leisure and family travels.

The market is their in Nigeria for such a hotel. Look at the population with a total of 172 million people. My goodness. With such numbers their are bounds of people who are ready to travel. People who like traveling out of the country to go and experience other countries will start to have more of a chose back in Nigeria. 

For the people who would like to tap into the Nigerian market the floor is yours. 



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