Rwanda,and kenya partner up in order to promote tourism

Monday in Kigali the Rwanda travel and tour association (RTTA) met up with  the Kenya association of travel agents and the east African tourism committee  ( which was developed to improve  communication  with each country  to  promote each  region) to talk about how they will be able to promote the two destinations. The Precedent  of the (RTTA) recommended that this move is going to be very beneficial to both the countries as they will be able to share their marketing experiences.  He was delighted to work with the Kenyan associates.

Waturi Matu  assumed that it was important that the two countries work side by side which will enhance the countries image and market . The  facilities and products that both the countries will be able to promote as a joint venture.

This is a big step for countries to witness what is going on.This shows that countries   are willing to put their difference aside and help each other to use their strengths to help promote one another. The tourism and hospitality industry is a big industry that can cater to a lot of people. Both the countries will be able to show off their countries resources and talent and have a bigger market to chose from  their target markets.



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