Nigeria: Thank goodness what every passenger wants.

Passenger’s bill of rights

Starting from July 26th the bill of rights will be passed   that will affect the way airlines treat their customers. Passengers’ l with in Nigeria flying on the local airlines will be given rights to be herd and reimbursed. The Nigerian civil aviation Authority through the help of the federal government will be able to help implement the bill  and give right to passengers to be herd  and not pushed around by airlines. As stated Dr. Fola Akinkuotu   that it is not good for passengers to get bad deals from airlines. Passengers need to obtain value for money .   The Bill only works with in the country and not outside of the country.

The bill of rights also adds when flight are delayed with in an 1 hour the carrier should provide refreshment, telephone call , sms or email.  As also that if your luggage has been damaged or theft has occurred you as a passenger on the domestic airline will be reimbursed by the airlines that you charted.



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