Ghanaian Festivals lined up for August:

Akwaaba  as they say in Ghana which means welcome. Ghana a very friendly and interesting place for people to visit.

The country has lined up several festivals for the month of August  which include

Asafotu-Fiam Festival:

Which celebrates the warriors who have been to battle and those who have fallen in battle . It is a time when the warriors celebrate and give thanks to their ancestors. This is demonstrated by the Ada people. 


This is celebrated on the last Sunday of every august by the  “Nkusukun” chefs and people  of the salt pound traditional area. This is a festival show casing how the Nkusukun people migrated from the Techiman  area to the Odambea area. This festival gives you the tourist the ability to see and learn how Nkusukun people used to move around and survive. 

Afenorto( staying at home) festival: 

This is a time when people take stoke of their lives and evaluate where they are and what they want to do in the future. This is also a time when young men are introduced to their potential partners . ( This is a very interesting festival as this helps people  keep up to date with their current circumstance in life and for them to reflect and learn from the past. So that they will understand why they are at their current situation. This helps them regain their selves   and plan for the future). 

Just to mention a few more for the month of August is:

Ahoba Kese Festival 

Edim Kese Festival 

Equadoto Festival 

They are more festivals  on the ghana tourism website. so check out the source. 

source of information:


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