Online Permits for tour operators in Tanzania

The ministry of natural resources and tourism started the shift from analogue to digital on July 1st 2013. They are accessible  over the internet and one can fill them in individually or can get help from their operator.

The forms can be filled  individually or they can completed  with the help of the operator. If you are to get help from the operator you  are to go to there offices . Their offices include Tourist  hunting , CITES and photographic tourism office in Arusha, Selous Game reserve at Mtemere entry games  and wildlife Division headquarters in Dar es salaam.

Regulation 4 of the wildlife conservation regulation  of 2008  requires all tourist operators to have a permit from the director of wildlife before conducting any tourism outside of the national parks and conservations.

Prior consent is needed from the director of wildlife  in order for commercial and re-creative activities like photography, filming; rafting ; canoeing  and balloon flight  and more  to take place.

Businesses or Investors who participate in the use of non consumptive wildlife  utilization  are meant to have  their company registered by a competent  authority  in Tanzania . They are to follow the general management plan of the area.

The move from analog to digital is a very smart move. Not only does this mean that time will be saved but this gives a lot of people the chance to start up businesses much faster than  to wait for days and weeks for something to be processed. The shift from old school to digital is slowly taking its toll on Africa as a positive thing. We can only wait and see the effects of the digital system which i hope will have a positive effect for Tanzania.



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