Zimbabwe: UNWTO Opens


President Mugabe and Mr Michael Sata explained that tourism is a great source that will be able to encourage economical growth in the two countries. They both have posed a challenge on the continent of Africa that countries should open up their boarder and provide a univisa to let people travel around easily. These statements were made at the opening of the United Nations World Tourism Organization .The secretary general Mr Taleb Rifai Opened the 20th session that is currently being hosted by the two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls.

The two heads of states commented that they were prepared to use tourism as a source for economic development within the countries and its communities.

“We expect it to leave an indelible mark on our memories and that it should be part of our generational legacy, marking a clear turning ,pointing the tourism fortunes of our two counties , our region and indeed our continent”

President Mugabe explained that if Africa is to gain a hold of the international market we need to work on the visa problems to make the transition of domestic and international tourist to move around freely. The borders of Africa need to be opened up to fellow Africans so that we can travel and see the vast lands of the continent.

“ The current situation where Africa only has a four percent share of global tourism  revenue in spite of its massive natural and cultural tourism  resources is a matter of great concern to us” he said.

“Africa can only benefit from increasingly behaving like a single common market”

The UNWTO  general assembly are to help both the countries Zimbabwe and Zambia  to come up with ideas to help the governments come up  with strategies and plans to help tourism have favorable opportunities to flourish in the countries.

“I wish to call for an increase in the promotion of sustainable tourism so that the sector countries to grow” he said.  The opportunities that communities will get from tourism will help develop the area. Facilities and a sense of lively hood will help the people make a living and improve their conditions.

Mr Fifai said “We affirm our commitment to place tourism high on the political and economic agenda and to ensure that we co-operate ever more to promote  policies that ensure sustainable and exclusive growth in this industry”.

“The UNWTO was one of the biggest due to attendance from different states.  121 delegates participated from the member states, 140 delegates came from all walks of the world and 750 other delegates , 900 from the media and 49 foreign ministers “ he explained

The UNWTO assembly started on Sunday and is said to end by Friday.

For a vast continent as big as Africa to gain a united states of Africa will help improve the way things will be done and they way tourism will be tackled. Africa has tremendous amounts of resources and when counties are split this resource are not utilized well enough to have the need impact.

The borders of African counties need to be brought down so that we can have more movement of Africans seeing the land and better tourism facilities. This will not only help but will create a huge spur of investment and income to the different states. Thus with the problem of visa we need to correct them as fast as possible and start getting people into countries rather than having problems with them. These things need to be fixed.

And I live you with this African Proverb:  If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together.(anonymous) 





TripAdvisor: You know what that means. You can’t hide what you have been keeping secret anymore.

In the 21st century TripAdviosr holds a tremendous amount of power over hotels and tourism firms. People are able to post all their bad experiences then and there or when they get back home. This in turn could (1) damage the views of the hotel or business (2) give customers second thoughts about going and booking a particular hotel or their experience with tourism services.  In very simple English when someone post something negative about your business there is a high chance that your business will start losing business.

The La Villa’s hotel in Ghana has good ratings from TripAdvisor but they as a business take TripAdvisor very seriously” TripAdvisor is very important to use. We respond to reviews , both positive and negative” Says by the marketing manager, Sarah Osborne.

“Its disappointing when guest post negative reviews about our hotel but we use it as constructive criticism. We encourage our guests to book with us again and we put them in touch with our CEO and they get bumped up to a nice suite” says Sarah Osborne

Due to TripAdvisor hotels, restaurants and any type of business  that is linked in the tourism sector are translucent which put on a tremendous amount of pressure on businesses not only to perform but to even outperform their selves say the Neil Markovitz the managing director of Newmark hotels south Africa.

Businesses are exposed to the internet which can affect their business as their guests have the power to post something online and for everyone to see and comment. Such platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and TripAdvisor . A great deal of pressures has been placed on hotels to always perform. The best way for hotel to spread the word about their service is word of mouth but when guests have negative experiences that word of mouth can cost you. “Pressures from public expectations means hotels have to be on top of their game all the time “ says Osborne.

For those that are perfuming all the time and making shore that their guest are having a good and memorable time they have nothing to fear as when guest post on TripAdvisor they only see positive reviews. For those business that have everything to hide  can’t because they will be exposed due to the social media . Says Chris Roche, Eco-tourism and conservation specialist at Wilderness Safaries .

As social media and TripAdvisor have their abilities to make or break reputations they can also become great platforms to interact with your guests and also sell your brand to the customer.  

Things have to be considered when companies post their content on the net as they may post irrelevant things which provide very weak content that people will pass by. According to Rochie  “his company uses Facebook, Twitter and its own blog. However companies need to post quality content to these platforms”.

La villa is also one of the hotel that use Facebook and Twitter to interact with their guests. “We try and keep our posts fresh and interesting ,so we’re not always promoting the hotel and current offers”.

Now TripAdvisor has the ability to make and break a lot of companies and it seems that Africans are starting or have been in the social media age for some time. Hotels that have been mismanaged and giving bad service must watch out because they are people who will not talk to you in your face but are willing to post a lot of negative things  about your business. If you have been giving poor service then your business is the one to blame as you have been exposed on the net. Trying to change that image that has been posted of you on the net will affect your business.

New standards have been demanded and it seems like a revolution is taking place as hotel and hospitality business need to start rising higher than the occasion at hand and giving more than 150% to their customers.

Source: JACO MARITZ                                                                     


Egypt: Tourism seems to still happen even when they are problems.

Due to the concerns of what has been happening lately in Egypt, tourists seem to be going to Egypt and enjoying their time. Interesting enough the tourist numbers went up by 16.4% year after year from June. This was provided according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS)

The bulletin provided information on the number of tourist that where visiting Egypt since June which was 988,573 up from 849,521 to present June.  Due to this great increases in tourist sadly though their number of stays was cut short by 16% which reached 7.9million in June 2013 compared to 9.4 million in the same month last year.

The amount of tourist that are making their way to Egypt are less in comparison to the 2010 levels according to officials.

There has been a rise and fall in the number of people that make their way into Egypt. For some a total of 75 percent had an increase in hotel bookings and then shot back down after the holy month of Ramadan. Then over the Eid Al – Fitr holidays  which had an increase in hotel bookings but once again came back down to 70%.

“Hurghada is the most favorable destinations to tourists because it is much safer” said the General Secretary of Tourism.

There has been a decline in occupancy rates because of the curfew that has been set and also the unrest that is around.

The Chamber of tourist companies member Mohamade Saleh commeted that “ The report might count the Egyptian Expatriates who are visiting  their families in Egypt during this month , or the Libyans or Syrians visiting Egypt for treatment”

Tourism is a very important player in the country he said

Tourism is a very very fragile sector that is affected by media and also by security . The country will be able to weather away any type of problem that comes its way and that the government “is exerting its utmost effort for the industry’s survival” said Mr Saleh

The situation is only made worse when certain countries start placing travel bans to and advising their citizens not to travel to Egypt explained Saleh.

Cairo and Luxor seem to be in the uttermost worst type of shape for tourism to happen currently in the country.

Source: Hend El-Behary 


Nigeria: The Sango Festival will be getting backing from the government.

The federal government had mentioned that they would help support the Sango festival to help increase its tourism capabilities.  The Minister of Tourist, Culture and National Orientation a Mr Edem Duke had announced at the opening of the festival at Oyo town.

The ministry unfolded to the masses that Sango was one of the founding fathers of the old Oyo kingdom . “He left behind a long lasting bequest of a good constitutional government that has not yet since been surpassed.

The pre colonial system was a 50 /50 share of culture and colonial tradition. The Oyo government allowed for a system that would still adhere to its own culture that would skill keeps its people with in traditional norms.

“In essence, it was a people’s original design to meet the wishes and aspirations of the people and their definition of development”.

Oba Lamidi Adeyemi gave praise to the dignitaries who came to the event explaining that they cut across the south-west states and Yoruba’s in Diaspora.

The monarch explained to it people that they should not mix religion with culture as this was shore to steer up some kind of animosity between the groups of people. They explained that “They are two distinct feature of human life and by allowing one to affect the other is to render man incomplete.

Adeyemi insurrected that the younger generation would not move or grow out of their customs as such as discarding the Yoruba language and culture.

Festivals bring so much warmth to the heart and also to the society. They help people to stay in touch with their customs of old and help express what culture is all about. Having festivals is a learning tool for both the people of that culture and for the people who do not follow those customs’.  The younger generation is able to see what their culture is all about and not only just hear stories of them which sadly the stories of old are dying out. The festivals are a way to also teach tourist and being tourist into the country as they will witness tradition and be a part of it.

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201308230995.html

Ethiopia: Red lights are what seem to be keeping the taxis away from large hotels.

The Yellow Taxis Association brought their case forward to the Bureau that they have been kept away from the large hotels such as Hilton , Radison blu and Jupiter hotels  in which they are not able to provide their services.

The Yellow Taxis Association brought forward their case on July 12, 2013  which since then they have been excluded from delivering  their services to the different hotels. They feel that there has been a deal that was set between the Ethio National Travel & Tour Operator (ENTTO) which is keeping the taxis aside.

On the 18th of July 2013 the Bureau wrote a letter to the hotels and to the ministry of culture and & Tourism (MoCT) , the taxis association and the Kirkos District Police. The Bureau sent forward for the ending of the deal that the hotels had and to incorporate the taxis for use.

After a month since the letter was sent one Mesay Demesse the Bureau’s deputy confirmed that he did not know about the progress about the situation that was going on. Mr Mesay Demesse is waiting from the Association for any new information to be updated about the situation at hand.

The agreement that was set between the hotels and ENTTO are going against the directive granted to the Taxis who have the ability to charter the tourist around.

Mr Mesay Demesse office has limited jurisdiction of what they are able to do and are not able to peruse the wrong doers. If the situation progresses then this must be reported to the MoCT.

An official from the public relations office of the ministry was contacted by fortune and provided the fact that they were not able to follow up on the letter even after getting the reference number and getting in contact with the ministry’s record office. The Taxi association has not followed up on the problem.

The Taxi association had made promises that they would improve the state of their vehicles and also replace the vehicles that were not functioning well. This was agreed upon  a meeting with the Bureau of transport and culture & tourism  according to Yonas Mulatu Chairman of the Assoication.

A fleet of 15 vehicles where sent to the hotel that where Hilton, Jupiter , Radison Blu, and Sheration. The Assoation tried to get into contact with the hotels but there was no response from the hotels said Yonas.  The case has moved from the bureau to the MoCT as Yonas was told.

There is a very big market that has not yet been tapped into. The taxi drivers seem to be harassing their guests and drivers said the ENTTO’s manager Kebede Belema.

The Yellow Taxis have been around since the era of Emperor Haileselasie. The Yellow taxis used to be privately owned but they were sold the public sector of the National Tour Operation (NTO).

Most of the Yellow taxis wait for about 3 to 4 days before they are able to get a passenger according to the officials of the Yellow Taxi Association.

Systems need to be developed in order for the yellow taxis to work out. Hotels have one function and that is to make guest feel comfortable and safe within a new country. If the hotels that were discussed in the passage are willing to handle taking tourist around it will be a burden some problem as they will not be able to focus on giving good service to the guests. Something needs to be worked out sooner rather than later.



Botswana: Culture in need of preservation.

The annual cultural day was celebrated in Botswana as they used this day to show how the plan on keeping Setlokwa culture alive and kicking.

The event was held along the intel of the sea which made the communities of nearby to come together and celebrate the Batlokwa heritage. The countries included Botswana and south Africa as they from to make the Batlokwa . The event was organized by the Batlokwa Development Trust , and was trusted upon the community to engage and help maintain the heritage day. The mixture of the communities helped mix the old and the young together and show the old customs of old.

The people of Botswana will be able to look back and understand their culture said Khosi Puso of Batlokwa.

The communities have been having problems trying to maintain their culture as it seems to be eroding but the communities where up for the challenge and plan on making shore that their culture would out last time. The celebration of culture where mostly centered on the Setlokwa songs as is a part of their culture said by the Batlokwa paramount Chief.

The paramount Chief also said that that by maintaining their culture the Batlokwa culture would help show case its culture to residence of Tlokweng and those who are not of Batlokwa origin. This is not a platform for other culture to disown their cultures.

Before tourists where to travel anywhere around the country they should be convinced to stop and watch different cultures of Botswana as to understand the people said by Kgosi Puso.

The government is  behind and backing the demand to help improve the way culture is in Botswana as culture helps and is also a part of the people said the Acting director of arts and culture , Mr Dean Molebatsi .

Furthermore Mr Molebatsi encourage that the Batlokwa people to push their culture to the young ones as they will be the people who will help maintain the culture. Bostwana has a verity of cultures  and they all seem to share some things in common.

Kgosi Moshe seeks from the Batlokwa tribe to maintain its culture and that culture has a very big role to play in the society at large. The days of traditional song and poems from a wide range of Batlokwa groups seems to be coming to an end.

The need for different types of cultures to help maintain their culture is something that seems to be lacking in the 21 century. Sadly if culture is not maintained they might be a day when they will be no culture at all due to the fact that the young ones have no clue of whom they are and where they come from. Culture is a form of identity but it is not meant to separate but to help educate people about your different backgrounds because all of us are different. Culture helps build a society as it help develop and shape up of the way things are meant to be run in the day to living of everyday life.

The process of trying to maintain and keep the Botlokwa culture alive and kicking is a small way of telling all the other cultures to jump on the bandwagon and start maintaining their culture. They can show case their culture to help not only international tourist but also local tourist so that they can start to learn about their  own people.

Source: Bonang Masolotate



Tanzania: Problems arise as villagers try to make their way into the park to graze.

Traditional leaders have been pledging their support to help protect the animals that are in conversational national park according to Mara Regional Commissioner Mr John Tupa.

A lot of the villagers that have been illegally crossing the northern part of the national park have been going inside to look for water and also for greener pastures. These villages are Masanga, Gibasso and Kegonga who so depend on this natural facilities to sustain them.

Traditional leaders have had discussion and also signed an agreement to keep and stop people from getting into the national park. Traditional leaders do have an influence in the way the villagers behave as they are respected. “Traditional leaders from the villages have agreed to accompany conservationists to warn people against invading the park and this is a positive responses” the RC told the ‘Daily News’.

As the discussion with the local leaders the public, Mara Regional, and Tarime Defence and security committees met to all disused and come to an understanding.  The Tanzanian National Park (TANAPA) will be providing conservational training to the villagers.

Tarime is one of the places where a lot of villagers stay around the boarders of the national park covering 14,763 square kilometers. The villagers have been saying that land scarcity has been a problem and that has been the reason on moving every so close and in to the national parks. Animals that need to graze do not have the potential to continue grazing as there is very little land . No plan has been put in place for the villagers to have a grazing land for their animals, and also for them to move around to.  

Mr William Mwakilema, the Chief Park Warden of SENAPA said that they are determined to come up with a plan and to have good relations with the villagers. “What we want is harmony and good relationships with the villages’ Mr Mwakilema told the ‘Daily news’.