Coscharis makes its way into car hire in Nigeria

Coschairs motors the sole dealers  of BMW , land rover , Jaguar and MG in Nigeria has partnered with sixt AG Germany. They plan on re-introducing the sixt-rent -a – car in Nigeria.

The partnership is said to help Nigeria  improve on its tourism  and its logistics  in the country. 

With the re-introduction  of the sixt-rent-a -car the executive officer of coschairs group Dr Cosmas Maduka explains  and shows that Nigeria is the place to be as it has plenty of opportunists. The country is ideal for investment.

The company coschairs is a prestigious company in Europe  and  around the world with about 225,000 fleets at its disposal.

Representatives of the sixt-rent- a – car said that it provides value for money  and good service for customers at a low price. 


 With the entrance of the sixt-rent – a – car this increase the competition as the company has been in business for decades. Car hire provides a valuable service to the customers who are in need of the service that would include reduced stress of calling for a taxi , and free mobility with in the choice of destination that you are currently staying in. 

How the car hire will help Nigeria is that i think that it will make moving around the country  easy for people who do not know the area very well. The tourist who make their way into the country will be able to experience Nigeria in comfort . 

source:  Taiwo Hassan


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