Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda plan on sharing a common visa:

The east African community has been a little bit slow in implementing some plans. Kenya, Rwanda , and Uganda plan on opening up their borders  and having a common tourist visa and the use of your national ID card   to be implemented by January 20124.

A recent summit that was held by president Museveni in Entebbe in Uganda was held where they agreed to make Mombasa their selected port of choice. 

Security has been an issue with in the countries at their borders and they plan on improving the situation by the use of the electronic  system  now implemented  at the border.

With the use of the electronic system it will help reduce security problems. Furthermore the  three countries have gone ahead of their selves  to come up with a new visa that will allow Kenyan’s , Ugandans, and Rwanda’s to travel easily . They want to implement the process faster than to wait for it to happen later.The remaining EAC members will be able to join in when they are ready to join in. With this Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda  by then they would have hoped  to have shown that they are serious about implementing and improving the East African community. Their is a lot  of  tourism that is happening  between  the three countries  and they want to encourage  it . The current  fee to get a Visa is on the high side which will set you back a $150 to go to one of the countries if you where to travel from Kenya to Uganda or Uganda to Rwanda.With the implementation of  the visa this  will bring the price of the visa down.

Not only will the visa be of help but citizens from the EAC will be able to travel by road or train by only their ID cards. This will help increase travel between the countries  and mostly help increase trade between the countries. 

This is a big advantage for the citizens of the counties that plan on using the new visa that will hopefully be implemented by January 2014. The ease to travel from one country to another will make things much more smother and benefit the countries that plan on implementing the new Visa and the ID card. 

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    1. You don’t believe that the common visa between Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania won’t work. But we are moving into age where Pan Americanism is slowly taking off. The visa and the ID provide people with easier means to travel around east Africa…….


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