Namibia plan on hosting the Adventure travel world summit in Swakopmund Which will be held on the 26th- 31st October:

The 2013  adventure travel world summit will host  a variety of thing for the attending delegates . Which will have peer-to-peer  exchange ( Where the delegates will be able to exchange your experiences with people at the summit): Business-to-Business  marketplace as you exchange business  cards hopefully to increase your chance of tapping into new markets with your future potential business partner and a media connect plat form , Where you will learn all about online marketing and getting travel tips from journalists , bloggers, and experts.

 The summit will be held on the 26th to 31st of October which is currently fully booked from the 64 countries that make up the 650 delegates attending the summit. It will be  held at Windnoek and Swakopmund  which is hosted by the Namibia Tourism Board , 

The programs that will be hosted on the day will provide delegates the opportunity to gather and get new content in the adventure tourism sector.

A range of presentation  will be provided on the theme ‘,Imagine, Inspire,Invest’. The theme of choice has been picked to motivate individuals at the summit to engage in peer-to-peer  exchange.

Workshops will be held by  experts on

  • Crisis management protocols 
  • Maximizing marketing budgets 
  • Investment strategies for destinations 
  • Education and Training 
  • Online marketing trends and more

The ATTA  was created in the 1990′s  and the organization hosts a variety of members that range from all the different types of tourism backgrounds . ATTA provides a range of services that include research,information on adventure tourism , networking , partnerships and more. 

I think that the summit will be very beneficial to all the delegates that are making their way to the summit . The exchange of information is of vital importance in order to get a head start in business. This is the kind of plat form  for people to meet and discus some of their problems and opportunities that they are seeking .

Where you might have a problem someone out their has a solution to your problems so its up to you to find that person who will help you find that solution so that both of you can prosper.Such summits help you reduce the distance and bring people in the tourism sector closer to you so you can find the person with a solution. I do hope that their will be a whole lot more of these summits as they provide good networking and business opportunists for everyone. 



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