The Marriott Zamalek Egypt

The ambiance of the Marriott Cairo Hotel and Omar Khayyan casino in Zamalek’s somaa basha tent is partly due  to its design. The materials that are used which wrap around the tent are nice.The tent is designed for shisha smoke to pass through and to see and hear  the live band that plays. The tents are situated in the lush gardens of the khedieval gardens which  surround  the tent with its huge  palm trees. The sound of traffic becomes a thing of the past as you are situated in the garden.

 The Marriott hotel specifically  brings out the well layed  out design for Ramadan. ‘Egyptian night’ was erected which you get to see women bake the baladi bread in front of you  and Egyptian classics can be found on the menu which includes shawarma ,fattah and koshary.

Hummus a nutritious food  made from chickpeas blended with with tahini, olive oil , lemon juice , salt and garlic is all worth the taste at the Marriott  situated in Egypt.

Doesn’t that sound nice just to enjoy some time in a beautiful layed out garden with music playing in the background and people socializing as you enjoy the quite times with laughter in air. If you would like to experience such a experience make your way down to the Marriott Cairo Hotel  


source:Hannah Wilkinson,or.r_qf.&fp=1eb15c0a6b461bcc&psj=1&q=hummus+


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