(South Africa) United seems to be the word . Kaza members plan to unite for their destined target.

The Angolan minister of hotel and tourism , Pedro Mutindi  stated that the kavanago Zambezi  (KAZA) members and the transfrontier conservation Area (TFCA) are encouraged  to unite to enhance their development  of resources.

As talks where held at  the KAZA minister meeting the officials stated that the member countries need to unite . The countries include (Angola, Zambia , Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana) to be united so that economic, academic, social and tourism enhancement can be significantly improved.

“KAZA present to the world  the willingness and determination  of the member countries in the preservation of common flora and fauna in Okavango-Zambeze  said the minster.

Their is a high need for knowledge  the needs to be imparted on the KAZA members for the Okavango-Zambeze  project so that the project goes on well. This cam only  be accomplished by SADC countries coming together.

The Kavango -Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier conservation Area  is situated in the Okavango and Zambezi  basins . The Kavango-Zambezi bains can be found at the borders of Angola , Botswana , Namibia , Zambia and Zimbabwe converge.

This is going to be the biggest  conservation area whch will range of a total of 520,000 km2 ( about the size of France).

The conservation area will have 36  national parks, game reserves , community conservation and game management areas. 

The future destination will be a significantly huge  conservation event as the Kavango-Zambezi promises to be something big for  south Africa . Tourism  and the protection of valued resources for social-economic development in the region.

With different countries participating in joing projects expertise will be exchanged and an increase in ideas will be  passed around. 

source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201308090379.html



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