Nigeria: If the Health bill is passed Nigerian will become a medical tourism center in West Africa.

The Health Sector Reform Coalition (HSRC) had informed that the National health bill (NHB) has had some trouble trying to be passed thorough and be established . If the bill is passed through the bill will not only help improve the countries health needs but might have potential to treat people from other countries.

The bill will be able to reduce the amount of Nigerian that seek medical treatment out of the country. The medical bill will be able to bring in equipment that will be able to treat Nigerians in the country and retain the vast amount of money that is lost through the foreign exchange. These facts where presented by Dr.Muhammed Lecky  the Executive Secretary of Health Reform Foundation(HERFON)on behalf of HSRC in Abuja, Nigeria.

By passing this bill it will  have tremendous effects to all the citizens of Nigeria as they will be able to afford good health care. The coalition that was formed with some of the members such as DR.Segun Tunde the Executive Director for Evidence for Action, Dr.Amina  Minu Director of Service Delivery for Partnership for Transforming Health Systems,PATH, and DR.David Olayemi of save the child . With whom  all together are urging Nigerian citizens  to push the bill for the National Assembly to pass the National Health Bill  for new years.

Dr. Muhammed Lecky urged that the bill be pushed as the country is in need of this bill to help reduce the rates of lives that could be saved.   From such problems such as children  under five dyeing, expectant mothers, and adults above 65 as well as people living with disabilities could be saved .

Nigerians who live in areas that are hard to reach would be able to expect service if the bill is passed a total of 60% of these people would be able to receive primary healthcare service if the bill is passed.

According to Dr. Muhammed Lecky “ The fund will guarantee provision of free medical care for the most vulnerable, establishment of minimum healthcare services package of selected groups… “


I think that the bill will do wonders for the people of Nigeria. Where in Africa problems with health care is hard for some people to be able to reach out and get hold of these services is a issue. The service  will be one step of the way to helping people live longer and make the inaccessible service accessible to people.

With the bill hopefully passed this gives  Nigeria a chance to earn  more foreign  currency form African states and other  countries as people from west Africa and far come for medical treatment. Only time can tell what will happen.. But it would be an added advantage for the whole country.



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