Malawi: Lake Malawi

The cape Maclear is proud to host the first freshwater national park and also have a world heritage site. The site is around the cape and bay.

The marine life provides the adventures sea lovers with a colorful display of fish as they swim around. The freshwater fish are numerous within the fresh water such that the mbuna are plentiful. They are boats that are provided for people to take a ride on the water. As you take a ride within the boat you are able to feed the fish by hand.

Far from the marine life there is great deal of wildlife that can be found on the lands in the park.

With the increase of National parks arising this provides animals with increase security to be protected from any harm that tourism or anybody that may affect their natural habitat. The increase of national parks allows for animals to increase in numbers and also becomes a source of emplacement for the local people.

National parks and a wild heritage site will help increase the chances of tourists coming to Malawi as they will be able to show case animals and culture to tourist. This becomes an act of Eco-tourism that Malawi is promoting and helps protects the ecology of the area.

The Heritage center provides a great platform for the people of Malawi to show case their talents and their culture to tourists. The heritage area provides people with a way to see the way people live not in harsh conditions but how things are done. The process of living as not to the conditions that they are living. People and culture are blocked by only what they see which is negative and a heritage site provides tourists to be educated to understand that there is more than meets the eye.

Source: The Zambezian


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