Tunisia: Tourism seems to be picking up again

Due to the revolutionary activities that where taking place in Tunisia the times have changed and the winds are blowing in favor of Tunisia. The industry is slowly picking up but at a seedy rate.

A tourism plan was set in motivation on the 6th of August which plans on show casing Tunisia as a beach destination, which they plan on targeting their nearby counter parts the Persian Gulf and Asian countries as they are also working and targeting their past current markets.

A total number of 7 million tourists could visit Tunisia in 2013 which will do wonders for the country which was stated by the tourism minister Jamel Gamra last month.

“The plan that I have adopted includes a change in priorities for organizing the sector, variation of tourism product and the use of new technology in marketing” explained to Mosaíque FM.

A total of 1.3 million dinars was brought in through revenue which as shown in a percentage form is 0.2%. Mr Gamra explained that the tourism sector was due to rise due to the increase in booking that was and still is taking place.

Tourism levels have not yet reach its levels of what it used to be which was different during Ben Ali ear. The industry had come down a whole 14.2% due to the revolution.

As with a lot of countries tourism is important but tourism in Tunisia is its largest foreign income source and host as the largest employer for the sector which comes in second as agriculture is first in the country. Tourism hosts a 7% of gross national income (GNI) and currently employees 350,000.

The government understands that the industry is very important and is doing everything to make sure that tourism kick off again.

A marketing campaign has been set for the country to promote Tunisia as a tourism destination.

The comeback is on and Tunisia seems to be really looking forward to gaining back the market that they had hindered due to the revolution. The marketing campaign that is due to set in will do a good job as a lot of people look forward to sand, sea and sun.




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