Kenya: A Global sports village is in demand in Malindi

Tourism representatives in Kenya announced that they would like to make Kilifi the best place for tourists to visit in the country. They plan on coming up with a proposed plan that will increase the amount of tourists that will make their way to Kilifi in the near future.

Talks and other plans have been started as authorities plan on making sure  the area is clean around the town, beaches and resorts and that roads will be done well to make traveling more conducive for tourists.

Trends have been changing and times have changed. Mr Philip the chairman of the Kenya Hotel Keepers and caterers Association announced that due to inflation in the other countries from Europe  it has affected how many tourists make their way into the country.

Tourists have been coming to the country but due to the slow application process for the tourists to make their way into the country this has shown some difficulties for the applicants. Appeals have been made to the Aviation authority to speed up the application process so that tourist can increase in number to Kenya, explained by the chair man of Kenya Hotel Keepers and caterers Association.

Counties such as Malindi,Mamburui and Watamu have high bed capacities and can hold more than 7000 and still hold more tourists.  The different counties are able to hold different levels of tourists as Mamburui is able to hold 3700, while Watamu 2795.

Furthermore an introduction of conferencing facilities has been appealed for as this will see tourist making their way into the country during the months of April to July which is the low season.

The project Is big and there are plenty of places that still have hidden potential for investors to come and invest in the market at the desired counties. The counties such as Watamu, Mamburui, Kibokoni are places that have high potential.

The idea of having a global sports village in the kilifi and making kilifi tourist attraction increases its chances of getting more tourists. Not only will the global village increase the bed capacity but it will be able to increase the amount of facilities that the area will have. This means that more facilities will be created and more activities for tourists and locals to engage in.

As also this will provide more attractions to the area and provide Kenya with more tourism areas for people and tourists to visit. The introduction of the conferencing facility will help promote the country more as a destination that is able to cater to the conference sector.




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