Ghana: “Baajo” Come and dance ( Translation) and hear the music.

Mrs Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare the minister of tourism, culture and creative arts has called on all stakeholders to come to the Center for Nation Culture to help increase and generate more sources and ideas to impact the industry.

Baajo hour which means come and dance in Ga.  Is a promotional tool that will help promote Ghanaian traditional music and dance in Accra, As it was announced to happen on Wednesday.  The project is a biweekly project to be held on Fridays to help educate the people and tourist that make their way into the country.

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare said that culture was not only to shape art forms like literature, drama and painting but also to express Ghanaians and how they valued each other thorough their dances and singing.

Dance and music are a part of the African culture and this helps express what and how we feel. Dance is a way to communicate with people. “Ultimately music and dance is about the expression of human spirit and bringing people together from all walks of life and strengthening the unity of Ghanaians” she said .

Communities all have different ways of community with one another and dance and music helps increase the communication as everyone is able to see the expressions and feel the emotions that the musical instruments bring from different cultures.

The Center for National Culture has been having some problems with squatters , loiterers and “goro boys” who disturb the tourists that come. Mr George Oppong the Director for the center  is currently  doing their best to establish a police post to bring rest to the problems that tourists and locals are facing as they make their way to the center.

 Show casing different cultures form the walks of the different clans that come from a country helps to break down the barriers of all the unnecessary stigmas that come. Dance and music is a fantastic and beautiful way to educate people and especially tourist. Tourist need to understand that by coming to Africa and staying in their hotel does not mean that you have experience Africa. They should check out places where culture is to learn and see these dances and hear the music that is played by different cultures. The step that is being taken for “Baajo” is not only good but a great way forward. 



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