Tanzania: Problems arise as villagers try to make their way into the park to graze.

Traditional leaders have been pledging their support to help protect the animals that are in conversational national park according to Mara Regional Commissioner Mr John Tupa.

A lot of the villagers that have been illegally crossing the northern part of the national park have been going inside to look for water and also for greener pastures. These villages are Masanga, Gibasso and Kegonga who so depend on this natural facilities to sustain them.

Traditional leaders have had discussion and also signed an agreement to keep and stop people from getting into the national park. Traditional leaders do have an influence in the way the villagers behave as they are respected. “Traditional leaders from the villages have agreed to accompany conservationists to warn people against invading the park and this is a positive responses” the RC told the ‘Daily News’.

As the discussion with the local leaders the public, Mara Regional, and Tarime Defence and security committees met to all disused and come to an understanding.  The Tanzanian National Park (TANAPA) will be providing conservational training to the villagers.

Tarime is one of the places where a lot of villagers stay around the boarders of the national park covering 14,763 square kilometers. The villagers have been saying that land scarcity has been a problem and that has been the reason on moving every so close and in to the national parks. Animals that need to graze do not have the potential to continue grazing as there is very little land . No plan has been put in place for the villagers to have a grazing land for their animals, and also for them to move around to.  

Mr William Mwakilema, the Chief Park Warden of SENAPA said that they are determined to come up with a plan and to have good relations with the villagers. “What we want is harmony and good relationships with the villages’ Mr Mwakilema told the ‘Daily news’.





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