Botswana: Culture in need of preservation.

The annual cultural day was celebrated in Botswana as they used this day to show how the plan on keeping Setlokwa culture alive and kicking.

The event was held along the intel of the sea which made the communities of nearby to come together and celebrate the Batlokwa heritage. The countries included Botswana and south Africa as they from to make the Batlokwa . The event was organized by the Batlokwa Development Trust , and was trusted upon the community to engage and help maintain the heritage day. The mixture of the communities helped mix the old and the young together and show the old customs of old.

The people of Botswana will be able to look back and understand their culture said Khosi Puso of Batlokwa.

The communities have been having problems trying to maintain their culture as it seems to be eroding but the communities where up for the challenge and plan on making shore that their culture would out last time. The celebration of culture where mostly centered on the Setlokwa songs as is a part of their culture said by the Batlokwa paramount Chief.

The paramount Chief also said that that by maintaining their culture the Batlokwa culture would help show case its culture to residence of Tlokweng and those who are not of Batlokwa origin. This is not a platform for other culture to disown their cultures.

Before tourists where to travel anywhere around the country they should be convinced to stop and watch different cultures of Botswana as to understand the people said by Kgosi Puso.

The government is  behind and backing the demand to help improve the way culture is in Botswana as culture helps and is also a part of the people said the Acting director of arts and culture , Mr Dean Molebatsi .

Furthermore Mr Molebatsi encourage that the Batlokwa people to push their culture to the young ones as they will be the people who will help maintain the culture. Bostwana has a verity of cultures  and they all seem to share some things in common.

Kgosi Moshe seeks from the Batlokwa tribe to maintain its culture and that culture has a very big role to play in the society at large. The days of traditional song and poems from a wide range of Batlokwa groups seems to be coming to an end.

The need for different types of cultures to help maintain their culture is something that seems to be lacking in the 21 century. Sadly if culture is not maintained they might be a day when they will be no culture at all due to the fact that the young ones have no clue of whom they are and where they come from. Culture is a form of identity but it is not meant to separate but to help educate people about your different backgrounds because all of us are different. Culture helps build a society as it help develop and shape up of the way things are meant to be run in the day to living of everyday life.

The process of trying to maintain and keep the Botlokwa culture alive and kicking is a small way of telling all the other cultures to jump on the bandwagon and start maintaining their culture. They can show case their culture to help not only international tourist but also local tourist so that they can start to learn about their  own people.

Source: Bonang Masolotate



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