Ethiopia: Red lights are what seem to be keeping the taxis away from large hotels.

The Yellow Taxis Association brought their case forward to the Bureau that they have been kept away from the large hotels such as Hilton , Radison blu and Jupiter hotels  in which they are not able to provide their services.

The Yellow Taxis Association brought forward their case on July 12, 2013  which since then they have been excluded from delivering  their services to the different hotels. They feel that there has been a deal that was set between the Ethio National Travel & Tour Operator (ENTTO) which is keeping the taxis aside.

On the 18th of July 2013 the Bureau wrote a letter to the hotels and to the ministry of culture and & Tourism (MoCT) , the taxis association and the Kirkos District Police. The Bureau sent forward for the ending of the deal that the hotels had and to incorporate the taxis for use.

After a month since the letter was sent one Mesay Demesse the Bureau’s deputy confirmed that he did not know about the progress about the situation that was going on. Mr Mesay Demesse is waiting from the Association for any new information to be updated about the situation at hand.

The agreement that was set between the hotels and ENTTO are going against the directive granted to the Taxis who have the ability to charter the tourist around.

Mr Mesay Demesse office has limited jurisdiction of what they are able to do and are not able to peruse the wrong doers. If the situation progresses then this must be reported to the MoCT.

An official from the public relations office of the ministry was contacted by fortune and provided the fact that they were not able to follow up on the letter even after getting the reference number and getting in contact with the ministry’s record office. The Taxi association has not followed up on the problem.

The Taxi association had made promises that they would improve the state of their vehicles and also replace the vehicles that were not functioning well. This was agreed upon  a meeting with the Bureau of transport and culture & tourism  according to Yonas Mulatu Chairman of the Assoication.

A fleet of 15 vehicles where sent to the hotel that where Hilton, Jupiter , Radison Blu, and Sheration. The Assoation tried to get into contact with the hotels but there was no response from the hotels said Yonas.  The case has moved from the bureau to the MoCT as Yonas was told.

There is a very big market that has not yet been tapped into. The taxi drivers seem to be harassing their guests and drivers said the ENTTO’s manager Kebede Belema.

The Yellow Taxis have been around since the era of Emperor Haileselasie. The Yellow taxis used to be privately owned but they were sold the public sector of the National Tour Operation (NTO).

Most of the Yellow taxis wait for about 3 to 4 days before they are able to get a passenger according to the officials of the Yellow Taxi Association.

Systems need to be developed in order for the yellow taxis to work out. Hotels have one function and that is to make guest feel comfortable and safe within a new country. If the hotels that were discussed in the passage are willing to handle taking tourist around it will be a burden some problem as they will not be able to focus on giving good service to the guests. Something needs to be worked out sooner rather than later.



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