Nigeria: The Sango Festival will be getting backing from the government.

The federal government had mentioned that they would help support the Sango festival to help increase its tourism capabilities.  The Minister of Tourist, Culture and National Orientation a Mr Edem Duke had announced at the opening of the festival at Oyo town.

The ministry unfolded to the masses that Sango was one of the founding fathers of the old Oyo kingdom . “He left behind a long lasting bequest of a good constitutional government that has not yet since been surpassed.

The pre colonial system was a 50 /50 share of culture and colonial tradition. The Oyo government allowed for a system that would still adhere to its own culture that would skill keeps its people with in traditional norms.

“In essence, it was a people’s original design to meet the wishes and aspirations of the people and their definition of development”.

Oba Lamidi Adeyemi gave praise to the dignitaries who came to the event explaining that they cut across the south-west states and Yoruba’s in Diaspora.

The monarch explained to it people that they should not mix religion with culture as this was shore to steer up some kind of animosity between the groups of people. They explained that “They are two distinct feature of human life and by allowing one to affect the other is to render man incomplete.

Adeyemi insurrected that the younger generation would not move or grow out of their customs as such as discarding the Yoruba language and culture.

Festivals bring so much warmth to the heart and also to the society. They help people to stay in touch with their customs of old and help express what culture is all about. Having festivals is a learning tool for both the people of that culture and for the people who do not follow those customs’.  The younger generation is able to see what their culture is all about and not only just hear stories of them which sadly the stories of old are dying out. The festivals are a way to also teach tourist and being tourist into the country as they will witness tradition and be a part of it.



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