Egypt: Tourism seems to still happen even when they are problems.

Due to the concerns of what has been happening lately in Egypt, tourists seem to be going to Egypt and enjoying their time. Interesting enough the tourist numbers went up by 16.4% year after year from June. This was provided according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS)

The bulletin provided information on the number of tourist that where visiting Egypt since June which was 988,573 up from 849,521 to present June.  Due to this great increases in tourist sadly though their number of stays was cut short by 16% which reached 7.9million in June 2013 compared to 9.4 million in the same month last year.

The amount of tourist that are making their way to Egypt are less in comparison to the 2010 levels according to officials.

There has been a rise and fall in the number of people that make their way into Egypt. For some a total of 75 percent had an increase in hotel bookings and then shot back down after the holy month of Ramadan. Then over the Eid Al – Fitr holidays  which had an increase in hotel bookings but once again came back down to 70%.

“Hurghada is the most favorable destinations to tourists because it is much safer” said the General Secretary of Tourism.

There has been a decline in occupancy rates because of the curfew that has been set and also the unrest that is around.

The Chamber of tourist companies member Mohamade Saleh commeted that “ The report might count the Egyptian Expatriates who are visiting  their families in Egypt during this month , or the Libyans or Syrians visiting Egypt for treatment”

Tourism is a very important player in the country he said

Tourism is a very very fragile sector that is affected by media and also by security . The country will be able to weather away any type of problem that comes its way and that the government “is exerting its utmost effort for the industry’s survival” said Mr Saleh

The situation is only made worse when certain countries start placing travel bans to and advising their citizens not to travel to Egypt explained Saleh.

Cairo and Luxor seem to be in the uttermost worst type of shape for tourism to happen currently in the country.

Source: Hend El-Behary


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