TripAdvisor: You know what that means. You can’t hide what you have been keeping secret anymore.

In the 21st century TripAdviosr holds a tremendous amount of power over hotels and tourism firms. People are able to post all their bad experiences then and there or when they get back home. This in turn could (1) damage the views of the hotel or business (2) give customers second thoughts about going and booking a particular hotel or their experience with tourism services.  In very simple English when someone post something negative about your business there is a high chance that your business will start losing business.

The La Villa’s hotel in Ghana has good ratings from TripAdvisor but they as a business take TripAdvisor very seriously” TripAdvisor is very important to use. We respond to reviews , both positive and negative” Says by the marketing manager, Sarah Osborne.

“Its disappointing when guest post negative reviews about our hotel but we use it as constructive criticism. We encourage our guests to book with us again and we put them in touch with our CEO and they get bumped up to a nice suite” says Sarah Osborne

Due to TripAdvisor hotels, restaurants and any type of business  that is linked in the tourism sector are translucent which put on a tremendous amount of pressure on businesses not only to perform but to even outperform their selves say the Neil Markovitz the managing director of Newmark hotels south Africa.

Businesses are exposed to the internet which can affect their business as their guests have the power to post something online and for everyone to see and comment. Such platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and TripAdvisor . A great deal of pressures has been placed on hotels to always perform. The best way for hotel to spread the word about their service is word of mouth but when guests have negative experiences that word of mouth can cost you. “Pressures from public expectations means hotels have to be on top of their game all the time “ says Osborne.

For those that are perfuming all the time and making shore that their guest are having a good and memorable time they have nothing to fear as when guest post on TripAdvisor they only see positive reviews. For those business that have everything to hide  can’t because they will be exposed due to the social media . Says Chris Roche, Eco-tourism and conservation specialist at Wilderness Safaries .

As social media and TripAdvisor have their abilities to make or break reputations they can also become great platforms to interact with your guests and also sell your brand to the customer.  

Things have to be considered when companies post their content on the net as they may post irrelevant things which provide very weak content that people will pass by. According to Rochie  “his company uses Facebook, Twitter and its own blog. However companies need to post quality content to these platforms”.

La villa is also one of the hotel that use Facebook and Twitter to interact with their guests. “We try and keep our posts fresh and interesting ,so we’re not always promoting the hotel and current offers”.

Now TripAdvisor has the ability to make and break a lot of companies and it seems that Africans are starting or have been in the social media age for some time. Hotels that have been mismanaged and giving bad service must watch out because they are people who will not talk to you in your face but are willing to post a lot of negative things  about your business. If you have been giving poor service then your business is the one to blame as you have been exposed on the net. Trying to change that image that has been posted of you on the net will affect your business.

New standards have been demanded and it seems like a revolution is taking place as hotel and hospitality business need to start rising higher than the occasion at hand and giving more than 150% to their customers.

Source: JACO MARITZ                                                             


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