Zimbabwe: UNWTO Opens


President Mugabe and Mr Michael Sata explained that tourism is a great source that will be able to encourage economical growth in the two countries. They both have posed a challenge on the continent of Africa that countries should open up their boarder and provide a univisa to let people travel around easily. These statements were made at the opening of the United Nations World Tourism Organization .The secretary general Mr Taleb Rifai Opened the 20th session that is currently being hosted by the two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls.

The two heads of states commented that they were prepared to use tourism as a source for economic development within the countries and its communities.

“We expect it to leave an indelible mark on our memories and that it should be part of our generational legacy, marking a clear turning ,pointing the tourism fortunes of our two counties , our region and indeed our continent”

President Mugabe explained that if Africa is to gain a hold of the international market we need to work on the visa problems to make the transition of domestic and international tourist to move around freely. The borders of Africa need to be opened up to fellow Africans so that we can travel and see the vast lands of the continent.

“ The current situation where Africa only has a four percent share of global tourism  revenue in spite of its massive natural and cultural tourism  resources is a matter of great concern to us” he said.

“Africa can only benefit from increasingly behaving like a single common market”

The UNWTO  general assembly are to help both the countries Zimbabwe and Zambia  to come up with ideas to help the governments come up  with strategies and plans to help tourism have favorable opportunities to flourish in the countries.

“I wish to call for an increase in the promotion of sustainable tourism so that the sector countries to grow” he said.  The opportunities that communities will get from tourism will help develop the area. Facilities and a sense of lively hood will help the people make a living and improve their conditions.

Mr Fifai said “We affirm our commitment to place tourism high on the political and economic agenda and to ensure that we co-operate ever more to promote  policies that ensure sustainable and exclusive growth in this industry”.

“The UNWTO was one of the biggest due to attendance from different states.  121 delegates participated from the member states, 140 delegates came from all walks of the world and 750 other delegates , 900 from the media and 49 foreign ministers “ he explained

The UNWTO assembly started on Sunday and is said to end by Friday.

For a vast continent as big as Africa to gain a united states of Africa will help improve the way things will be done and they way tourism will be tackled. Africa has tremendous amounts of resources and when counties are split this resource are not utilized well enough to have the need impact.

The borders of African counties need to be brought down so that we can have more movement of Africans seeing the land and better tourism facilities. This will not only help but will create a huge spur of investment and income to the different states. Thus with the problem of visa we need to correct them as fast as possible and start getting people into countries rather than having problems with them. These things need to be fixed.

And I live you with this African Proverb:  If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together.(anonymous) 





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