Rwanda: Famous Tourism blogger from America plans on helping promote Rwanda on the world stage.

David Hoffam a famous America blogger who write up on tourism and is also a documentary filmmaker, has promised to help promote Rwanda on the world tourism map.

After the one week tour that Mr Hoffman had completed of Rwanda he explained that he plans on writing e-books and making videos about the country which he will put them up on his website which is

He has explained that with the help of his wife he will be able to write up a total of 52 different guide e-books for Kindle, Ipad and online PDF and will release videos of Rwanda for the next few weeks.

“Many people don’t know much about what Rwanda offers in terms of tourism. Many people only think about the gorillas or the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and that’s why we want to give people a broad view about Rwanda , as far as the  tourism sector is concerned’ explained Mr Hoffman.

The couple were impressed with what they say when they went to Rwanda and the tourist attractions where great.  The Hoffmans plan on promoting Rwanda they plan on doing so with the following places in mind, the National parks, traditional Rwandan culture and language, and the consistent development of country.

Mr Hoffman explained that he planned on working with the Rwanda Development Board (RWD) as this will help get the needed pictures of the tourism sites so that they can be promoted.

“Nyungwe Forest Reserve Nziza project won the British Guild of Travel Writers’ Globe Award last year and it’s through inviting writers like Hoffman that we promote Rwanda among the global travel industry”   Rica Rwigamba head of the tourism department at (RDB).

Sponsors like Qatar Airline and RwandaAir help sponsor such events for writers to go around and see and explore the country..

Just alone from tourism Rwanda was able to earn a total of $142.5 million in tourism revenues in the first semester of the year. The number of tourist that made their way into the country received a total of 664,729 visitors up from 583,096 during the same period last year.

This is a great way for tourist to hear about a tourism country. People enjoy reading up on other peoples travels there for the bloggers are able to create mental picture for their views . This helps get a large crowd of people who will help promote places like Rwanda. Bloggers are becoming   stronger and holding more power to influence people about their travels. It seems there is a new movement and that includes blogger to help reach out to other people faster and to inform them better.



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Angola: Announcement of a Tourism Promotion Centre

 A tourism promotional center is being developed in Bengo province as Pedro Mutinde had announced on Thursday from the ministry of Hotel and Tourism.

The project will be funded by the consortium comprising the company ABC and the state-owned Savings and Credit Bank (BPC) . This was announced by the representative of the consortium Joao Paulo Tomas.

The tourism promotion centre will include a travel agency, tourism promotion unit , a cyber café and a restaurant.

“It is an innovative project that will facilitate much in terms of supply of informing the locals and foreign tourists” explained the official”.

The Angolan president Jose Eduardo do Santos had sent a team of ministerial departments from the central Government to the Bengo province to address local issues. This was to help ease and facilitate any problems in the future to come.

The ministry of Hotels and Tourism was then instructed to coordinate with the locals and foreign investors to create beneficial circumstances which will help the functioning of social tourism in Bengo , in which it will help in increasing the amount of jobs that will be available for the youths  and leisure for tourists.  

A tourism centre provide beneficial information on what happens with in a province that people live in or just to get a better understanding of what happens around the province. By understanding what happens in the province people are able to know what types of tourism activities that place around these areas and also help cultures keep their identities as they become lucrative in terms of cultural shows as to show their fellow citizens and also foreigners.


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Mauritius: Blogger campaign

On the 20th of September bloggers and videographers will be making their way to Mauritius to help spread the word about Mauritius. #MyMauritius on Twitter  is where you will be able to find out all the needed information that you will need on Mauritius from its culture , to all the activities that take place .

Bloggers from around the world will be making their way to Mauritius that come from  Europe , south Africa , Canada and China  who will show case their activities that they managed to do while in the country. This will take place from the 23rd to the 30th of September as they will be provided to you by social media, such as twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.  The bloggers’ will provide feedback with live feeds to their followers who are interested to know about what fun activities are taking place in Mauritius.

Even after the bloggers traveling experience has come to an end from travelling around Mauritius the bloggers will provide feedback in the process of pictures, Videos, and posts about what they did and providing tips for people to enjoy their stay when they come to Mauritius. If you would like to stay informed and updated about the wear about of the bloggers follow them on #MyMauritius. A smaller version of what the bloggers will be doing will be posted is already up for viewers who are interested to view it

The bloggers will be staying at different types of resorts and hotels to get a wider experience and a sense of what   future tourists will be traviling to see. This provides them with a firsthand view to experience Mauritius and what the country is all about.  This becomes enticing as they provide their experiences online. The bloggers will experience different things that will include Luxury travel, adventure, culture, food , family outings, adrenaline sports, kite surfing , golf , nature, and spa and wellness.

The whole point of the campaign is for views to know about Mauritius and what it entails for travelers that make their way to the country. This not only provides firsthand experience in what people might encounter but will open people’s minds to try out new and different destination such as Mauritius.

Due to the different stakeholders that have helped in providing support and helping to make the project a huge success and the guiding vision that Mauritius has set its self is its guiding star. The campaign is due to help increase Mauritius online presence and increase people’s awareness of the country. The campaign is driven by AHRIM ( Association of Hotels and Restaurants in Mauritius) in partnership with Air Mauritius , Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority(MTPA)  and the Association of Inbound operation in Mauritius(AIOM).


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Uganda: The Government plans on backing Tourism

The Government and varies stake holders plan on promoting Uganda as a preferred tourism destination. The Lunch of the campaign will be taking place in Fort Portal during the Tourism week.  The campaign also plans on promoting domestic tourism so that people with in the country will be able to learn and know more about the tourism destination in their borders.

Ugandans need to travel and tour their own country explained the Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities  , Maria Mutagamba as she spoke to New Vision.

“The one way Uganda can woo international tourists is by first attracting its citizens into the sector” she explained.

With the needed promotions that will be taking place, the Tourism board plans on helping the citizens of their country to get to see these tourist destination by allowing citizens to  go to the parks and tourism sites  for free.  Explained Isaiah Rwanyekiro , the coordinator of the events, Uganda Wildlife Authority .This is to encourage people to move around their country and get to know it much more better so that they will appreciate and contribute to  the economic system which will also help  to improve the infrastructure.  

On September 27 which is the day of the World Tourism Day celebration in Fort Portal. The president of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni is expected to make an appearance.

The Event is being organized by the Tourism Ministry, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority,Uganda Wildlife Education center and Toro kingdom.

There will be a 5 day culture tourism exhibition that will take place at the Boma Grounds  , guided tours of Kibaale National Park and community  Tours.

Before tourism is marketed outside of the country it must be practiced and developed in the country first. This only make sense as it help’s the markets become more familiar with what is in their country and know how to show case their words when talking about their country.

The facilities and the infrastructure will make its way only when the local people are targeted first.  Foreigner  are welcome into the country that they plan on traveling to but when they leave the only people who are going to keep using the facilities are the citizens of the country. There is a need to think locally first and develop needed facilities for people in that country. So that  there are more facilities that will be able to cater to the masses of people that will be making their way in to different countries from all over the world.



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Tanzania: All geared and ready for action as they plan to continuously protect the Mara River.

Tanzania has been cooperating with its neighboring country   Kenya in the fight to protect the Mara River due to its sustainable benefits for the two east African countries.

This was announced by the Prime Minister Mr Mizengo Pinda at the height of the commemoration of the years Mara Day which was held in Mugumu town.  In attendance were the different senior officials from the two nations that are sharing the Mara River.

Tanzania and Kenya must join hands to conserve this river which is very important as far as conservation of Serengeti and Massai Mara game Reserves ecosystems are concerned” announced the PM as he addressed the people who were celebrating the event.

“Let us use Mara River as a symbol of good relation between these two countries” Mr Pinda had addressed to show that the two nations where at peace with each other as the river showed an expression of good relations between the two countries.

The Mara River which starts all the way back in Kenya which is in the Mau forest and discharges its water into the lake Victoria in Tanzanian side.  Mr Pinda explained that they will continue to respect the protocol that was set.

The Mara River provides the wildebeests   with a difficult crossing but brings tourist from all over the world to come and see them crossing.  “Every year thousands of tourists from different parts of the world come to see almost two million wildebeest.. This is a huge attraction for tourism he had explained.

Some of the officials that show attendance at the event where organization such as the Regional Climate Change and Environment Advisor form USAID East Africa. They have been providing funding for huge projects and also in conservation.

 The Mara wildebeest crossing is a gem that needs to be protected and in order for people to continuously keep seeing the crossing the Mara River needs to be protected. The world is changing and Environmental factor are starting to take into place and conservation is one of the best things to help reduce the fast changing landscape of the Mara River.

As for tourism this is a beautiful opportunity for people to not only see the great wildebeest migration but for people to come and see the different parts of the countries that they are visiting. People get to learn about the culture and the people.


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Egypt: A call off of flights to Japan

Egypt will currently delay some of its flights to Japan Osaka which will be starting on October 20th which was mentioned by EgpytAir as they had talked about in a press release on Thursday.

 The Japanese government is issuing a travel ban to Egypt which advised its citizens to travel to Egypt as there is too much political unrest.

The amount of flights that would normally take place between the two countries was two flights a week.

The political unrest is not going to help the tourism sector for the country of Egypt. Due to too many problems a beautiful country such as Egypt should not have to undergo such problems. There is opportunity in the country for tourist to make their way to the country but in certain parts of Egypt.


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Botswana: Documentation of Culture

The people of Babirwa in Botswana are being encouraged to document their culture as their culture seems to be on the verge of extinction. This is being done for the future generation so that they will be able to learn and keep the societal morals and values alive. This was announced by the University of Botswana lecturer in the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dr Moyahabo Mathiba.

As the celebrations of the cultural day had made its way  Dr Moyahabo Mathiba has announced during the event that the culture of the Babirwa people should be documented in order to keep their culture  and their customs alive. “Culture plays a critical role in the upbringing of people. Babirwa must write books that will be a reference on their way of life” he had announced.

The Babirwa people are slowly losing their way of life as they are full of rich history as their children are starting to neglect their teachings. The Teaching of the people will help the children know and influence their way of living. “Moral values have degenerated because many have shunned their way of life, instead rallying behind foreign cultures they do not fully understand. The Youth of today are accused of improper behavior and being insensitive because they were not taught our cultural values and activities.”

Dr Moyahabo Mathiba has pleaded with Babirwa to save their language and practice speaking it, their customs, and their foods. Dr Moyahabo Mathiba had donated P1000 towards the constructions of the founding father of the tribe called Kgosi Malema Makhura.

The current youth are becoming a problem as they are slowly disrupting the social norms. The tribe plan on creating and having on more cultures activities so that they would be able to educate the youth with the needed manners that they would need.

Dr Moyahabo Mathiba is urging libraries to offer book space for cultures to write up material on the different cultures with in Botswana and for them to be placed later in the future.

Source: Goratileone Kgwadu

 Newspaper : Botswana Daily News