Tunisia: A grand Total of 4.2 million Tourists visited Tunisia

A grand total of 4.2 million tourists traveled to the country where art and history are know in  Tunisia. This was accomplished with in  the year of 2013 and with the total number of tourist coming to 4.2 million .The Tourists  helped generate a total of 2,000 million Tunisian Dinars explained the Tourism Minister Jamel Gamra.

The goals that where set out by the ministry where meet with in the year said Mr Gamra.

With the look and feel of countries starting to achieve their goals with in the country this provides hope and a way forward. With goals being met it only means one thing, that is objectives are achieved not the second or third time but with the first time. This is a good way to go on with in the year of 2013 for Tunisia. We look forward to hearing what will come out of the country.





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