Gambia: Plans set by the Forestry department to plant trees at Bijilo Forest Eco-tourism Park.

A motion was set by the department of Forestry in partner with other members in the tourism industry on a tree planting spree in the Bijilo Forest Eco-tourism National park.

During the planting process a total of one thousand seedlings where provided by the British High Commission in Gambia as the planting process tock place.

As talks were held at the tree planting site Mr Cherno Gaye a senior forestry officer and head of the participatory forest management unit had explained that, “ Tree planting is a key concern of the forestry department.

As the seedlings where provided by the British High Commission Mr Cherno Gaye explained that it was important that the seedlings be planted in Bijilo Forest Eco-tourism National Park. The National park measured a total of sixty Hectares which is currently under guidance by the forestry department.

The whole process of the tree planting was to diversify the trees that are within the Bijilo area and to mix with other trees that are around.

Mr Cherno Gaye expressed his gratitude to the Gambia National Tourism Board , bird watchers tourism security guards  , Tourism taxi drivers , as also the security unites in helping planting the one thousand seedling  which tock 3 hours .

Mr Cherno Gaye explained that Bijilo is an important forest for Ecotourism as the site is within the area of tourism development.  The park is very attractive to tourist as they come to visit Gambia . This not only provides a way to help the earth but also to help stimulate the economy.

Mr cherno Gaye enforces the fact that the weather conditions are very cool and nice which attract a lot of tourist to make their way to the park.

The British High commission got a form of thanks from the senior forestry officer and thanked David Morley the British High commissioner to the Gambia  for providing the seedlings. 

There is a target that is set by the department of forestry and that is to plant a total of one million trees every year as their annual target.


The eco system is in need of solutions to fight of all the CO2 emision   and also toxic gasses that have been created over the years. By people engaging in tree planting and improving  the amount of tree cover that countries are getting, we might just help fight of some of the CO2 emission but it will take everyone to help and improve this world that we live in.

The target to reach a total of 1 million trees every year sounds like a very fun goal to achieve. Hope all goes well and that those 1 million trees are up and running every year.


Newspaper : The point


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