Botswana: Documentation of Culture

The people of Babirwa in Botswana are being encouraged to document their culture as their culture seems to be on the verge of extinction. This is being done for the future generation so that they will be able to learn and keep the societal morals and values alive. This was announced by the University of Botswana lecturer in the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dr Moyahabo Mathiba.

As the celebrations of the cultural day had made its way  Dr Moyahabo Mathiba has announced during the event that the culture of the Babirwa people should be documented in order to keep their culture  and their customs alive. “Culture plays a critical role in the upbringing of people. Babirwa must write books that will be a reference on their way of life” he had announced.

The Babirwa people are slowly losing their way of life as they are full of rich history as their children are starting to neglect their teachings. The Teaching of the people will help the children know and influence their way of living. “Moral values have degenerated because many have shunned their way of life, instead rallying behind foreign cultures they do not fully understand. The Youth of today are accused of improper behavior and being insensitive because they were not taught our cultural values and activities.”

Dr Moyahabo Mathiba has pleaded with Babirwa to save their language and practice speaking it, their customs, and their foods. Dr Moyahabo Mathiba had donated P1000 towards the constructions of the founding father of the tribe called Kgosi Malema Makhura.

The current youth are becoming a problem as they are slowly disrupting the social norms. The tribe plan on creating and having on more cultures activities so that they would be able to educate the youth with the needed manners that they would need.

Dr Moyahabo Mathiba is urging libraries to offer book space for cultures to write up material on the different cultures with in Botswana and for them to be placed later in the future.

Source: Goratileone Kgwadu

 Newspaper : Botswana Daily News



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