Rwanda: The East African visa talk to unite East Africa in tourism.

A range of delegates will be making their way to Kigali to further discus what will be happening about the National Identity cards and also the need for a single visa. The Delegates that will be making their way to Kigali Rwanda are from Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

This meeting plans on unfolding plans that might be a hindrance   to the plans set and also to straighten out any problems. This is a continued   process from the meeting that tock place in Uganda from the Heads of state summit in Entebbe in June.

The agreement that tock place that happened in Entebbe , Uganda was that the different heads of state agreed to increase the speed of the joint railway line project , oil pipeline, to have a national identity card as travel documents and also to have a single visa to allow  people to travel freely within the different countries in the EAC community.

The different counties where established with different duties and Rwanda was given the task of the single tourism visa and the use of the Identification Cards.

The talks had kicked off yesterday, which brought about different individuals from immigration to tourism internal affairs to come and start working on the re-writing of the needed documents to allow for the single visa or identification card to work out.

Monique Mukaruliza the national coordinator of the tripartite initiative has announced “Ugandans will use their voter’s card as a travel document to Rwanda and Kenya because they do not have national ID cards. Students without voter’s cards can use school identity cards.

She had also announced that the forum will help design the single tourist visa sticker ahead of final approval of the ministerial meeting which had taken place today.

The $100 (Rwf65, 000) visa will be effective for 90 days and will be paid at the point of entry to the country the individuals is traveling to.

A share of $30 will be shared between the states announced Mukaruliza. Furthermore the country that issues the visa will get an extra $10.

The use of national identity cards and the travel documents for the EAC   will be put into effect   in January 2014. 

Tanzania, Burundi are not being isolated from what is taking place. The talks and the implantation of the visa and the use of ID cards to travel around are only trying to be fast-traced to see its effect mentioned Mukaruliza.

“Tanzania and Burundi will join us once they are ready to implement the projects and move on the same pace with us” she said.

Jane Wangare Waikenda the director of the Kenya immigration had announced that” Tourism is going to flourish because we shall be marketing our countries as a single tourist destination”.

Currently the price for a visa from Kenya or Uganda is $50 mean while Rwanda charges $30.

The statistic show that the following countries such as DR Congo , Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya accounted for 915,000 who visited Rwanda last year and that in 2012 a total of 714,000 in 2011.

Rwanda alone from tourism made a total of $281.8m which was last year and in 2011 they managed to make a total of $251.3m.

The future looks very bright on the sides of the East African continent. Not only will countries be removing borders from stopping people from coming into their countries but will make it very easy for people to do business and also to increase the amount trade and tourism that will take place later on in the future. Only the future will tell what is in tale of the new visa and the use of identification cards in January 2014.

A great deal of opportunities is going to be opening up for a lot of people and countries.


The New Times


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