Tanzania: All geared and ready for action as they plan to continuously protect the Mara River.

Tanzania has been cooperating with its neighboring country   Kenya in the fight to protect the Mara River due to its sustainable benefits for the two east African countries.

This was announced by the Prime Minister Mr Mizengo Pinda at the height of the commemoration of the years Mara Day which was held in Mugumu town.  In attendance were the different senior officials from the two nations that are sharing the Mara River.

Tanzania and Kenya must join hands to conserve this river which is very important as far as conservation of Serengeti and Massai Mara game Reserves ecosystems are concerned” announced the PM as he addressed the people who were celebrating the event.

“Let us use Mara River as a symbol of good relation between these two countries” Mr Pinda had addressed to show that the two nations where at peace with each other as the river showed an expression of good relations between the two countries.

The Mara River which starts all the way back in Kenya which is in the Mau forest and discharges its water into the lake Victoria in Tanzanian side.  Mr Pinda explained that they will continue to respect the protocol that was set.

The Mara River provides the wildebeests   with a difficult crossing but brings tourist from all over the world to come and see them crossing.  “Every year thousands of tourists from different parts of the world come to see almost two million wildebeest.. This is a huge attraction for tourism he had explained.

Some of the officials that show attendance at the event where organization such as the Regional Climate Change and Environment Advisor form USAID East Africa. They have been providing funding for huge projects and also in conservation.

 The Mara wildebeest crossing is a gem that needs to be protected and in order for people to continuously keep seeing the crossing the Mara River needs to be protected. The world is changing and Environmental factor are starting to take into place and conservation is one of the best things to help reduce the fast changing landscape of the Mara River.

As for tourism this is a beautiful opportunity for people to not only see the great wildebeest migration but for people to come and see the different parts of the countries that they are visiting. People get to learn about the culture and the people.


Dar es Salaam



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