Uganda: The Government plans on backing Tourism

The Government and varies stake holders plan on promoting Uganda as a preferred tourism destination. The Lunch of the campaign will be taking place in Fort Portal during the Tourism week.  The campaign also plans on promoting domestic tourism so that people with in the country will be able to learn and know more about the tourism destination in their borders.

Ugandans need to travel and tour their own country explained the Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities  , Maria Mutagamba as she spoke to New Vision.

“The one way Uganda can woo international tourists is by first attracting its citizens into the sector” she explained.

With the needed promotions that will be taking place, the Tourism board plans on helping the citizens of their country to get to see these tourist destination by allowing citizens to  go to the parks and tourism sites  for free.  Explained Isaiah Rwanyekiro , the coordinator of the events, Uganda Wildlife Authority .This is to encourage people to move around their country and get to know it much more better so that they will appreciate and contribute to  the economic system which will also help  to improve the infrastructure.  

On September 27 which is the day of the World Tourism Day celebration in Fort Portal. The president of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni is expected to make an appearance.

The Event is being organized by the Tourism Ministry, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority,Uganda Wildlife Education center and Toro kingdom.

There will be a 5 day culture tourism exhibition that will take place at the Boma Grounds  , guided tours of Kibaale National Park and community  Tours.

Before tourism is marketed outside of the country it must be practiced and developed in the country first. This only make sense as it help’s the markets become more familiar with what is in their country and know how to show case their words when talking about their country.

The facilities and the infrastructure will make its way only when the local people are targeted first.  Foreigner  are welcome into the country that they plan on traveling to but when they leave the only people who are going to keep using the facilities are the citizens of the country. There is a need to think locally first and develop needed facilities for people in that country. So that  there are more facilities that will be able to cater to the masses of people that will be making their way in to different countries from all over the world.



The New vision


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