Mauritius: Blogger campaign

On the 20th of September bloggers and videographers will be making their way to Mauritius to help spread the word about Mauritius. #MyMauritius on Twitter  is where you will be able to find out all the needed information that you will need on Mauritius from its culture , to all the activities that take place .

Bloggers from around the world will be making their way to Mauritius that come from  Europe , south Africa , Canada and China  who will show case their activities that they managed to do while in the country. This will take place from the 23rd to the 30th of September as they will be provided to you by social media, such as twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.  The bloggers’ will provide feedback with live feeds to their followers who are interested to know about what fun activities are taking place in Mauritius.

Even after the bloggers traveling experience has come to an end from travelling around Mauritius the bloggers will provide feedback in the process of pictures, Videos, and posts about what they did and providing tips for people to enjoy their stay when they come to Mauritius. If you would like to stay informed and updated about the wear about of the bloggers follow them on #MyMauritius. A smaller version of what the bloggers will be doing will be posted is already up for viewers who are interested to view it

The bloggers will be staying at different types of resorts and hotels to get a wider experience and a sense of what   future tourists will be traviling to see. This provides them with a firsthand view to experience Mauritius and what the country is all about.  This becomes enticing as they provide their experiences online. The bloggers will experience different things that will include Luxury travel, adventure, culture, food , family outings, adrenaline sports, kite surfing , golf , nature, and spa and wellness.

The whole point of the campaign is for views to know about Mauritius and what it entails for travelers that make their way to the country. This not only provides firsthand experience in what people might encounter but will open people’s minds to try out new and different destination such as Mauritius.

Due to the different stakeholders that have helped in providing support and helping to make the project a huge success and the guiding vision that Mauritius has set its self is its guiding star. The campaign is due to help increase Mauritius online presence and increase people’s awareness of the country. The campaign is driven by AHRIM ( Association of Hotels and Restaurants in Mauritius) in partnership with Air Mauritius , Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority(MTPA)  and the Association of Inbound operation in Mauritius(AIOM).


Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority


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