Angola: Announcement of a Tourism Promotion Centre

 A tourism promotional center is being developed in Bengo province as Pedro Mutinde had announced on Thursday from the ministry of Hotel and Tourism.

The project will be funded by the consortium comprising the company ABC and the state-owned Savings and Credit Bank (BPC) . This was announced by the representative of the consortium Joao Paulo Tomas.

The tourism promotion centre will include a travel agency, tourism promotion unit , a cyber café and a restaurant.

“It is an innovative project that will facilitate much in terms of supply of informing the locals and foreign tourists” explained the official”.

The Angolan president Jose Eduardo do Santos had sent a team of ministerial departments from the central Government to the Bengo province to address local issues. This was to help ease and facilitate any problems in the future to come.

The ministry of Hotels and Tourism was then instructed to coordinate with the locals and foreign investors to create beneficial circumstances which will help the functioning of social tourism in Bengo , in which it will help in increasing the amount of jobs that will be available for the youths  and leisure for tourists.  

A tourism centre provide beneficial information on what happens with in a province that people live in or just to get a better understanding of what happens around the province. By understanding what happens in the province people are able to know what types of tourism activities that place around these areas and also help cultures keep their identities as they become lucrative in terms of cultural shows as to show their fellow citizens and also foreigners.


Angola Press


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