Rwanda: Famous Tourism blogger from America plans on helping promote Rwanda on the world stage.

David Hoffam a famous America blogger who write up on tourism and is also a documentary filmmaker, has promised to help promote Rwanda on the world tourism map.

After the one week tour that Mr Hoffman had completed of Rwanda he explained that he plans on writing e-books and making videos about the country which he will put them up on his website which is

He has explained that with the help of his wife he will be able to write up a total of 52 different guide e-books for Kindle, Ipad and online PDF and will release videos of Rwanda for the next few weeks.

“Many people don’t know much about what Rwanda offers in terms of tourism. Many people only think about the gorillas or the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and that’s why we want to give people a broad view about Rwanda , as far as the  tourism sector is concerned’ explained Mr Hoffman.

The couple were impressed with what they say when they went to Rwanda and the tourist attractions where great.  The Hoffmans plan on promoting Rwanda they plan on doing so with the following places in mind, the National parks, traditional Rwandan culture and language, and the consistent development of country.

Mr Hoffman explained that he planned on working with the Rwanda Development Board (RWD) as this will help get the needed pictures of the tourism sites so that they can be promoted.

“Nyungwe Forest Reserve Nziza project won the British Guild of Travel Writers’ Globe Award last year and it’s through inviting writers like Hoffman that we promote Rwanda among the global travel industry”   Rica Rwigamba head of the tourism department at (RDB).

Sponsors like Qatar Airline and RwandaAir help sponsor such events for writers to go around and see and explore the country..

Just alone from tourism Rwanda was able to earn a total of $142.5 million in tourism revenues in the first semester of the year. The number of tourist that made their way into the country received a total of 664,729 visitors up from 583,096 during the same period last year.

This is a great way for tourist to hear about a tourism country. People enjoy reading up on other peoples travels there for the bloggers are able to create mental picture for their views . This helps get a large crowd of people who will help promote places like Rwanda. Bloggers are becoming   stronger and holding more power to influence people about their travels. It seems there is a new movement and that includes blogger to help reach out to other people faster and to inform them better.



Rwanda Focus


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