South african Wine Tourism

This gives a small glimpse at how wine tourism works in South Africa.

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Uganda: Have a taste of South Africa

The wine festival that took place at the Kampala Serena hotel  was the fourth south African wine festival that has happened.

Some of the South African wines that where provided at the wine festival dated back to 1659 which showed the different vintages over the years. This gave a wide verity of wines for people to enjoy as they participated as the event. For the patrons who made their way for the event who didn’t drink wine where able to consume tea or coffee.

At the event consumers had to move around and try the different wines that where provide at the different stalls. The purpose of the event was to expose as many Ugandans to the wines and also to the winemaker to understand and appreciate how wines are made. This provided the Ugandans that tock part in the event a platform to interact with the wine makers.

The founder and the patron for the South African wine festivals Mr Yogi Biriggwa was able to attract 24 famous winemakers from the vineyards of cape Town , south Africa.  This has brought about a increase in which more and more people are starting to come to the Wine festivals. A total of three people showed up for the 2010 festival , 4 in 2011, 10 in 2012 and 24 in 2013  which shows there has been a growing interest in the number of winemakers that have been coming to the event.

“Uganda’s hospitality industry has over the years been on a steadfast, which has led to the increased consumption of some of the best quality wines in the world, particularly from South Africa “ Biriggwa said.

“Because of the increased demand for South Africa wines, the growth of Wine Tourism in South Africa has become inevitable. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we decided to invite the wine makers  to Uganda to share their success stories with the Ugandan  community especially those that are not able to travel down to south Africa to take part in the fast-growing wine tourism industry of Cape Town.”Yogi explained.

Some of the sponsors   included MTN, Stanbic bank, South African Airways and Kampala Serena hotel. There are plans that will be taking place next year for a 2 day event. As one of the days will include a open day to the public. This will bring the added advantage of a wider audience who will be able to appreciate South African wines and also to create awareness of the wine industry.

Wine tourism is a great way for people to taste the different and aged wines that a country such as South Africa is able to produce. Wine tourism has a history that can be marketed and further introduced into different countries. Due to the different ages of wines a story can be told of how the grapes of a certain region needs to become ripe and at a certain shape or look in order to appreciate the taste and the body of the wine. South Africa is a leading destination that provides a great plate form for wines as they are know and creating more awareness to the world about their wines.

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Rwanda: Thinking about accepting tourism technology to help tourism and travel services.

Technology is making its waves around and across the world which technology is affecting not one or two individuals but everyone. Technology is taking its toll in Africa focused more on tourism. Every country has their thresh hold of how much technology they can take but how much is enough. Technology needs to be embarrassed faster in Africa for more development and communication to happen faster. Take for example Rwanda they are trying to implement technology into their tourism operation most directed to the tours and travel agencies.  With the quick acceptance of technology this allows for communication and devilry of service to be faster and also at a better quality. “Firms engaged in the tourism industry, especially tour and travel agencies, should embrace information communication technology to improve service delivery  and ease operation, said Juan Torres general manager of Amadues East Africa .


The firm provides IT solution to the travel and tourism arena which helps auto mate reservations servicers, inventory management and departure control. Torres gave a speech at the 10th anniversary celebrations which she explained that Rwanda should embrace technology so that their service can be more completive

With the fast acceptance of technology for the tours and travel agents they will be able to handle more customers. Take for example the yearly event of naming the gorillas as tourist love it.  The travel agents will be able to book more people in advance and handle more tourists that come to Rwanda.  


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Something very interesting has been taking place and plans have been drawn up for 2014 Roots Home Coming Festival that will be taking place in Gambia. Preparations have been made by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTC) and the Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard) with the help of the Tourism marketing committee (TMC). They had planned for an organized road show that was to taking place in United States of America and also in the United Kingdom.  

The road shows where done in order to create as much awareness for Gambia, and also for the  2014 Roots coming home festival which provides a  great investment opportunity for people to come and see  Gambia.   Tremendous success was gained from the three visited states at the road shows that  take place at in the united states of America. The located states that tock part in the road show was in  the big apple  New York city, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

 A series of talks and presentations tock place  in New York City at the New York University  for the Roots coming home Festival which was witnessed by more than 40 travel trade members ,media,  and representatives from varies ethnic backgrounds. The Gambian representatives made their way to the ATA’s 8th annual presidential Forum and the Young Professional Forum as the they  made a short 20 minute presentation on Gambia with which a total of 200 people where there to witness the presentation.   The president of Uganda his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Minister of Natural resources and tourism of Tanzania ( Khamis.S. Kagasheki)where participants of the event. A press conference was organized by the ATA and ACRTV (African Caribbean Radio and Television Services) . The Gambian representatives meet up with the delta Airlines Director to talk about the Roots festivals.  But wait that’s not all the delegates from Gambia where able to meet up with the WRF 89.3 radio station and discuss about Roots festival that will be taking place. This gave them the opportunity to communicate to a large audience and spread the message about the festival and also about gambia.

Presentations were made in Philadelphia  at the CLEF Club of Jazz  of which more than 50 travel trade members, media , journalists and roots promoters where present in  Atlanta.

In Atlanta more presentation where witnessed by more than 50 travel trade member, media , journalists  and roots promoter in  Atlanta.  The presentation tock place at the Twelve Centennial Park, Peach Tree. At the University of George and the Delta airlines were approached by the representatives to team up with Gambia to have exchange program with the university and also to have flights make their way to Gambia.  Minister jobe-Njie was also awarded the 2013 African Diaspora World Tourism Award for inaugural Hall of Fame Certificate and the Minister of Distinction Plaque by Kitty Pope( Promoter of the Roots Festival and creator of African Diaspora World Tourism Award ad Travel Expo) for her outstanding contribution  towards the development of tourism in Gambia. This was before the team made its way to London.

When the delegates finally arrived in London, they made their way to the Hilton hotel where they made their presentation. 30 travel trade members, media and roots promoters in long where there to witness the event. The minister and the permanent secretary had telephone interviews with WLIB Radio and the United States and Galaxy Radio in the UK all in good hart for the promotion of the 2014 Roots coming home festival and also about Gambia.



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Kenya: The Tatu Restaurant Makes 101 listed as the best restaurant hotels around the world.

The Daily meal  had presented that the Fairmont Norfolk’s Tatu Restaurant in Nairobi   which was listed as 101 Best hotel restaurants around the world.

The Tatu Restaurant stands to make its market as a top Restaurant destination.  That will provide customers with not only a meal but with a lasting long impression that serves and stick in your memory.

The Daily Meal explains “Hotels haven’t always been places connected with great dining options , as  costly room service, modest mini bar snacks, and a dining  room offering  a simple menu of mediocre food were for years the only food options available at most hotels. This  was only about two decades ago when hotels began to recognize that   food in-house options for dining could be a serious asset ; even something that could become a main draw for a steady year-round customer base”

As the only Kenyan establishment that was able to make the list, Tatu’s restaurant is the only American Stake house that provides a pleasant tasty meal.  Fresh food is provided as all the food that is cooked to order is ordered on the day.  The service of the food is close to non and the imaginative   thought that is put into the creativity of the food only leaves people amazed   and ready to eat.

They where other destination that also made the list of the top hotel restaurant in the world which included:

  • Livingstone Room At Victoria Falls Hotel(Zimbabwe)
  • Signal Restaurant at cape Grace ( South Africa)
  • Le Verger at Le Franschhoek Hotel and spa( South Africa)
  • Saffron at Banyan Tree Seychelles. ( Seychelles)
  • Acquapazza at the four seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita ( Mauritius)
  • The Moghul Room at Mena House( Egypt)
  • Sabaya  at Cairo Semiramis( Cairo)

Congratulation is in order as the restaurant  has performed  not just well but above and beyond.  The creativity of the establishment and the platting of the food only makes the customer want to eat and   sigh with a sign of relief that the food was delicious.  The Norforlk’s restaurant  named the Tatu Restauant which has  proved its self but this is a big achievement but one that requires more hard work and improvement to get better ratings.


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Hyatt: Seems like the luxury brands are making their way to Africa


Hyatt has come to an agreement with the ASB Holdings Limited to have 2 Hyatt-brands in Tanzania branded as park Hyatt Zanzibar and Hyatt Regency Arusha .

Stone town will be the place where the 72 luxurious park Hyatt Zanzibar will be located. This will be close to the UNESCO heritage site.

The hotel will be located next to the beach which will be available to the guest who will be making their way to the hotel. The beach will be just at the guest footstep as they enjoy Africans’ cost line.

Construction of the hotel tock place earlier this year and will be expected to be completed by January 2014. This is the time for Tanzania’s Zanzibar Revolution day that will be taking place.

As for the Hyatt Regency Arusha the 144 roomed hotel will be opened in 2016 which will be in central Arusha which is home to the East African Community.

“We are thrilled to work with ASB Holding Limited to expand Hyatt’s presence in Tanzania, one of the premier tourism destinations in Africa”.

“We are confident that the company’s experience of developing world-class hotels will help us drive preference for the Hyatt brand in Tanzania” explained Peter Norma, senior vice president of real estate and development, for Hyatt, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

“Tanzania has seen strong growth in the number of business  and leisure tourists- the number of international  l visitors  grew by almost a quarter to surpass one million in 2012 , driving demand for hotels in the country. “

“By building a presence throughout Tanzania, this is a key gateway to the city and one of the country’s most beautiful areas.

“Hyatt is able to provide more establishments for customers to stay at when they travel around the different parts of the country.”

 Hyatt is making its way into Tanzania which is great. This allows for a brand to show case its stuff in Africa and also for the African culture to have a mix with Hyatt. Hyatt which is now for its resorts was founded by two entrepreneurs who go by the names Hyatt von Dehn and Jack D. Crouch. The hotel which moved up the ranks from motels and small hotels managed to make its way into the big league and opened its first big hotel in Hong Kong. The name of the Hong Kong facility was called the Hyatt Regency Hon Kong which was later demolished and a new facility put up by 2009.  Africa or rather much Tanzania will be able to learn some new things in the trade of hospitality, to increase its banks of hospitality knowledge from Hyatt. .




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Rwanda: Magical waters that heal your body (Hot springs)

With in Rwanda there have been many places that have been noticed at Lake Kivu belt that has the potential to become hot tourism destinations. Some of these places that these hot spots include are hot springs.

The hot springs have a natural source of mineral water in them and they provide healing qualities to any individual. Tourism planners want to guide the spring water to spas and swimming pools which will be able to set the country apart to the other entire destination in Africa.

The spring water has already been to work on the locals as they have been using the water and experiencing  its medicinal uses. Furthermore the citizens of Rwanda who have used the spring explain that the water can be used for more things that include cooking potatoes.

An elderly man that goes by the name of Martin Bashakirahe in Nyamyumba sector in Rubavu is located close to where the springs are, which has been mapped out on the Kivu Belt Master plan. He explains that the spring has been a blessing to their land  as the spring water has been able to cure all sorts of diseases.

Bashakirahe explains that since the spring has been close by he has never needed to go to the doctors. As the waters healing qualities have helped and healed him over the years. “I used to wash my body with this hot water and even drink it:it is a healing water for sure . I am now in my ninety’s and I have never had to go to hospital and still feel strong.

Mr Thogoene Mugabo  a  physiotherapist in Kigali who teaches at a university hospitality explains that spring water does have its medical uses. He also explains that heat is used to treat people in and that the water itself is not the healing factor. In his line of profession heat is what makes the individual get well as for the water he is not shore.

“I don’t deny that hot spring can cure but we don’t use it in hospital. The curing effect is the heat, not the kind of water” he explained.

Springs are a natural source of water that provided a verity of qualities to different people.  Springs are able to help people and also if used very well are able to cure people or give them relaxing treatments. The idea of the spring water being used for spars is an amazing idea. Some factors need to be considered as this water is rare and can run out and that proper maintenance of the water and its content is not abused. But overall the idea of spa and the spring water go hand in hand.


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