South Africa: Smarten up with the seasons.

During certain times of the year Bed and breakfasts are open and customers rush in all at once to get closer to the CBD as they travel to the economic hub of Gauteng in South Africa for business.  Tourists push and push further in to the economic center as they clearly leave the coastal beaches.  Heads turn and there is a barrage of customers all lining up to see and relax at the coastal beaches and all the beds at Gauteng are left lonely for the nights.

Seasonality affects people and business in South Africa as Dvaid Morboe explained.  They are a lot of factors that one must take into consideration as the weather changes and affects the way the guests will feel in that environment. “An example is the supply of rainfall in the agricultural industry”

Smart business are able to read the seasons and know when they should change tactics about what to do, when the low season comes. Mr David Morobe explains as to how SME’s will be able to ride out the tough times and for business to sharpen up.

  • Get to know the cycles of your industry and accept its reality.  When you make your way into a new business you may think that you are making large sums of money due to the rapid expansion but check again. If you are a new business go through your past history and if you have not been in business for a very long time then get some information from a business that is  similar to yours and check out the season and how the prices and costs affected them.
  •  Planning is of vital importance as this will help you in the dire times of you business and also in the prosperous times. Plan Plan Plan. Normally when the tough times come that is normally the low season there is money that is not allocated for the hard times. Save up money for the tough times. Plan at least 6 months ahead as you will be able to allocate funds for certain things during the low season.
  • Promotions should not only be offered during the high season. You must think of promotions in a smart way as you can’t only just promote in the good times. During the busy times its good to promote ,but when the low season comes  the  locals are the ones who  take care of your business when all the tourist have gone home. So treat your locals well.
  • Since your customers have gone due to the low season this does not mean that they have left you and if they frequent your business it does not mean that they don’t like your service. Try to find different way to keep in touch with your guests so that when the high season comes in you will be able to get your guests in and have them as regulars.
  • As the low season has made its way you should get stronger ,better and smarter by sharpening your business and training your employees. This shows that you are getting ready for the high season so that when the time comes in for the guests to walk through your door they will get the best service.

The low seasons can be tough especially on small business but it only takes time for the season to change and the high season to come. As a business your duty is to help and provide the bust service during the high season and low season. Every customer that works in your doors is a customer who is looking for a good time and should be treated with the due respect and get good service and a great time. So you as a business need to get smarter and better during the low season to reformulate strategies and to take care of the locals as they will take care of your business during the low season.  As well as to plan during the high seasons for the low seasons. The one of the most important things is to keep on planning.




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