Gaborone: Gaborone Declaration Summit.

The government needs to effectively arrange and distribute the needed resource to help achieve sustainable development goals, environment, wildlife and tourism deputy permanent secretary, Mr Jimmy Opelo explained.

Mr Opelo explained that it was important to ensure that the contribution of natural capital to sustainable economic growth, maintenance and improvement of social capital and human well-being should be quantified and integrated into development and business practice. He emphasized this at the Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa.

He insisted that the follow up meeting that where agreed upon at the 2012 Gaborone Declaration should be consistent with the three action statements made at the summit.

The following action statements where signed as follows 

Action statement

1)      The value of natural capital is integrated into the national accounting and corporate planning processes as well as reporting processes, policies and programs.

2)      The transition of agriculture, extractive industries, fisheries and other natural capital uses to practice that promote sustainable employment in order to build capital and reduce poverty.

3)      The Promotion of leadership and new models in the field of sustainable development by building knowledge, data and capacity and policy networks.

The Gaborone Declaration was formed so that people would not lose their ecosystem and also to make shore that loose of well being and of economic growth will not become a hazard to Africans.

The Gaborone Declaration was done in so to help  share the needed information to the different states to help arrange and manage their tools ,knowledge , technology , and capacities on how best to manage natural resources to help sustain and develop  the economic and social well-being.

Of all the ten countries that signed the Declaration last year only some of the countries appeared for the meeting these countries include: Botswana, Ghana , Kenya , Namibia , South Africa , Madagascar, Tanzania, Gabon ,Mozambique, Rwanda and Liberia .

The Declaration is an agreement to help different states take care of their natural resources for sustainable development which was held over the two day summit for sustainability in Africa which was held in Gaborone.

With such  a document that has been drawn up for different states to make their way and sign the Declaration shows there is a commitment  to nature. Africa is changing and there is a sustainable movement that is making its way.  The Natural resource that  are found in Africa should be managed with more diligence and care to not only help different countries prosper ,but also to make  shore that the peoples well being is helped and improved. The purpose of a developing economy is not only for the economy to be developed but also to make shore that the individuals living in that economy are benefiting from the economy. We look forward to seeing how and what the different countries plan to do with their natural resources.


Lorato Gaofise

Botswana Daily News


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