Rwanda: Magical waters that heal your body (Hot springs)

With in Rwanda there have been many places that have been noticed at Lake Kivu belt that has the potential to become hot tourism destinations. Some of these places that these hot spots include are hot springs.

The hot springs have a natural source of mineral water in them and they provide healing qualities to any individual. Tourism planners want to guide the spring water to spas and swimming pools which will be able to set the country apart to the other entire destination in Africa.

The spring water has already been to work on the locals as they have been using the water and experiencing  its medicinal uses. Furthermore the citizens of Rwanda who have used the spring explain that the water can be used for more things that include cooking potatoes.

An elderly man that goes by the name of Martin Bashakirahe in Nyamyumba sector in Rubavu is located close to where the springs are, which has been mapped out on the Kivu Belt Master plan. He explains that the spring has been a blessing to their land  as the spring water has been able to cure all sorts of diseases.

Bashakirahe explains that since the spring has been close by he has never needed to go to the doctors. As the waters healing qualities have helped and healed him over the years. “I used to wash my body with this hot water and even drink it:it is a healing water for sure . I am now in my ninety’s and I have never had to go to hospital and still feel strong.

Mr Thogoene Mugabo  a  physiotherapist in Kigali who teaches at a university hospitality explains that spring water does have its medical uses. He also explains that heat is used to treat people in and that the water itself is not the healing factor. In his line of profession heat is what makes the individual get well as for the water he is not shore.

“I don’t deny that hot spring can cure but we don’t use it in hospital. The curing effect is the heat, not the kind of water” he explained.

Springs are a natural source of water that provided a verity of qualities to different people.  Springs are able to help people and also if used very well are able to cure people or give them relaxing treatments. The idea of the spring water being used for spars is an amazing idea. Some factors need to be considered as this water is rare and can run out and that proper maintenance of the water and its content is not abused. But overall the idea of spa and the spring water go hand in hand.


Source:  Bahait .P.M. ( 2013). Rwanda:Hot springs, Healing water. Retrived on October 12th ,2013 from


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