Hyatt: Seems like the luxury brands are making their way to Africa


Hyatt has come to an agreement with the ASB Holdings Limited to have 2 Hyatt-brands in Tanzania branded as park Hyatt Zanzibar and Hyatt Regency Arusha .

Stone town will be the place where the 72 luxurious park Hyatt Zanzibar will be located. This will be close to the UNESCO heritage site.

The hotel will be located next to the beach which will be available to the guest who will be making their way to the hotel. The beach will be just at the guest footstep as they enjoy Africans’ cost line.

Construction of the hotel tock place earlier this year and will be expected to be completed by January 2014. This is the time for Tanzania’s Zanzibar Revolution day that will be taking place.

As for the Hyatt Regency Arusha the 144 roomed hotel will be opened in 2016 which will be in central Arusha which is home to the East African Community.

“We are thrilled to work with ASB Holding Limited to expand Hyatt’s presence in Tanzania, one of the premier tourism destinations in Africa”.

“We are confident that the company’s experience of developing world-class hotels will help us drive preference for the Hyatt brand in Tanzania” explained Peter Norma, senior vice president of real estate and development, for Hyatt, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

“Tanzania has seen strong growth in the number of business  and leisure tourists- the number of international  l visitors  grew by almost a quarter to surpass one million in 2012 , driving demand for hotels in the country. “

“By building a presence throughout Tanzania, this is a key gateway to the city and one of the country’s most beautiful areas.

“Hyatt is able to provide more establishments for customers to stay at when they travel around the different parts of the country.”

 Hyatt is making its way into Tanzania which is great. This allows for a brand to show case its stuff in Africa and also for the African culture to have a mix with Hyatt. Hyatt which is now for its resorts was founded by two entrepreneurs who go by the names Hyatt von Dehn and Jack D. Crouch. The hotel which moved up the ranks from motels and small hotels managed to make its way into the big league and opened its first big hotel in Hong Kong. The name of the Hong Kong facility was called the Hyatt Regency Hon Kong which was later demolished and a new facility put up by 2009.  Africa or rather much Tanzania will be able to learn some new things in the trade of hospitality, to increase its banks of hospitality knowledge from Hyatt. .




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