Kenya: The Tatu Restaurant Makes 101 listed as the best restaurant hotels around the world.

The Daily meal  had presented that the Fairmont Norfolk’s Tatu Restaurant in Nairobi   which was listed as 101 Best hotel restaurants around the world.

The Tatu Restaurant stands to make its market as a top Restaurant destination.  That will provide customers with not only a meal but with a lasting long impression that serves and stick in your memory.

The Daily Meal explains “Hotels haven’t always been places connected with great dining options , as  costly room service, modest mini bar snacks, and a dining  room offering  a simple menu of mediocre food were for years the only food options available at most hotels. This  was only about two decades ago when hotels began to recognize that   food in-house options for dining could be a serious asset ; even something that could become a main draw for a steady year-round customer base”

As the only Kenyan establishment that was able to make the list, Tatu’s restaurant is the only American Stake house that provides a pleasant tasty meal.  Fresh food is provided as all the food that is cooked to order is ordered on the day.  The service of the food is close to non and the imaginative   thought that is put into the creativity of the food only leaves people amazed   and ready to eat.

They where other destination that also made the list of the top hotel restaurant in the world which included:

  • Livingstone Room At Victoria Falls Hotel(Zimbabwe)
  • Signal Restaurant at cape Grace ( South Africa)
  • Le Verger at Le Franschhoek Hotel and spa( South Africa)
  • Saffron at Banyan Tree Seychelles. ( Seychelles)
  • Acquapazza at the four seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita ( Mauritius)
  • The Moghul Room at Mena House( Egypt)
  • Sabaya  at Cairo Semiramis( Cairo)

Congratulation is in order as the restaurant  has performed  not just well but above and beyond.  The creativity of the establishment and the platting of the food only makes the customer want to eat and   sigh with a sign of relief that the food was delicious.  The Norforlk’s restaurant  named the Tatu Restauant which has  proved its self but this is a big achievement but one that requires more hard work and improvement to get better ratings.


Wong ,S.(2013) Kenya’s Tatu Restaurant  Makes 101  Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World. Retrieved on October,16th,2013 from


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