Something very interesting has been taking place and plans have been drawn up for 2014 Roots Home Coming Festival that will be taking place in Gambia. Preparations have been made by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTC) and the Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard) with the help of the Tourism marketing committee (TMC). They had planned for an organized road show that was to taking place in United States of America and also in the United Kingdom.  

The road shows where done in order to create as much awareness for Gambia, and also for the  2014 Roots coming home festival which provides a  great investment opportunity for people to come and see  Gambia.   Tremendous success was gained from the three visited states at the road shows that  take place at in the united states of America. The located states that tock part in the road show was in  the big apple  New York city, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

 A series of talks and presentations tock place  in New York City at the New York University  for the Roots coming home Festival which was witnessed by more than 40 travel trade members ,media,  and representatives from varies ethnic backgrounds. The Gambian representatives made their way to the ATA’s 8th annual presidential Forum and the Young Professional Forum as the they  made a short 20 minute presentation on Gambia with which a total of 200 people where there to witness the presentation.   The president of Uganda his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Minister of Natural resources and tourism of Tanzania ( Khamis.S. Kagasheki)where participants of the event. A press conference was organized by the ATA and ACRTV (African Caribbean Radio and Television Services) . The Gambian representatives meet up with the delta Airlines Director to talk about the Roots festivals.  But wait that’s not all the delegates from Gambia where able to meet up with the WRF 89.3 radio station and discuss about Roots festival that will be taking place. This gave them the opportunity to communicate to a large audience and spread the message about the festival and also about gambia.

Presentations were made in Philadelphia  at the CLEF Club of Jazz  of which more than 50 travel trade members, media , journalists and roots promoters where present in  Atlanta.

In Atlanta more presentation where witnessed by more than 50 travel trade member, media , journalists  and roots promoter in  Atlanta.  The presentation tock place at the Twelve Centennial Park, Peach Tree. At the University of George and the Delta airlines were approached by the representatives to team up with Gambia to have exchange program with the university and also to have flights make their way to Gambia.  Minister jobe-Njie was also awarded the 2013 African Diaspora World Tourism Award for inaugural Hall of Fame Certificate and the Minister of Distinction Plaque by Kitty Pope( Promoter of the Roots Festival and creator of African Diaspora World Tourism Award ad Travel Expo) for her outstanding contribution  towards the development of tourism in Gambia. This was before the team made its way to London.

When the delegates finally arrived in London, they made their way to the Hilton hotel where they made their presentation. 30 travel trade members, media and roots promoters in long where there to witness the event. The minister and the permanent secretary had telephone interviews with WLIB Radio and the United States and Galaxy Radio in the UK all in good hart for the promotion of the 2014 Roots coming home festival and also about Gambia.



Ndow,M.(2013) Gambia: MOTC Intensifies Promotional Campaign in Europe Ahead of 2014 Roots Festival. Retrieved on October ,18th, 2013 from  


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