Rwanda: Thinking about accepting tourism technology to help tourism and travel services.

Technology is making its waves around and across the world which technology is affecting not one or two individuals but everyone. Technology is taking its toll in Africa focused more on tourism. Every country has their thresh hold of how much technology they can take but how much is enough. Technology needs to be embarrassed faster in Africa for more development and communication to happen faster. Take for example Rwanda they are trying to implement technology into their tourism operation most directed to the tours and travel agencies.  With the quick acceptance of technology this allows for communication and devilry of service to be faster and also at a better quality. “Firms engaged in the tourism industry, especially tour and travel agencies, should embrace information communication technology to improve service delivery  and ease operation, said Juan Torres general manager of Amadues East Africa .


The firm provides IT solution to the travel and tourism arena which helps auto mate reservations servicers, inventory management and departure control. Torres gave a speech at the 10th anniversary celebrations which she explained that Rwanda should embrace technology so that their service can be more completive

With the fast acceptance of technology for the tours and travel agents they will be able to handle more customers. Take for example the yearly event of naming the gorillas as tourist love it.  The travel agents will be able to book more people in advance and handle more tourists that come to Rwanda.  


Agaba,A (2013).Rwanda:tour operators Urged to Embrace New Technologies. Retrieved on October 23rd,2013 from


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