Uganda: Have a taste of South Africa

The wine festival that took place at the Kampala Serena hotel  was the fourth south African wine festival that has happened.

Some of the South African wines that where provided at the wine festival dated back to 1659 which showed the different vintages over the years. This gave a wide verity of wines for people to enjoy as they participated as the event. For the patrons who made their way for the event who didn’t drink wine where able to consume tea or coffee.

At the event consumers had to move around and try the different wines that where provide at the different stalls. The purpose of the event was to expose as many Ugandans to the wines and also to the winemaker to understand and appreciate how wines are made. This provided the Ugandans that tock part in the event a platform to interact with the wine makers.

The founder and the patron for the South African wine festivals Mr Yogi Biriggwa was able to attract 24 famous winemakers from the vineyards of cape Town , south Africa.  This has brought about a increase in which more and more people are starting to come to the Wine festivals. A total of three people showed up for the 2010 festival , 4 in 2011, 10 in 2012 and 24 in 2013  which shows there has been a growing interest in the number of winemakers that have been coming to the event.

“Uganda’s hospitality industry has over the years been on a steadfast, which has led to the increased consumption of some of the best quality wines in the world, particularly from South Africa “ Biriggwa said.

“Because of the increased demand for South Africa wines, the growth of Wine Tourism in South Africa has become inevitable. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we decided to invite the wine makers  to Uganda to share their success stories with the Ugandan  community especially those that are not able to travel down to south Africa to take part in the fast-growing wine tourism industry of Cape Town.”Yogi explained.

Some of the sponsors   included MTN, Stanbic bank, South African Airways and Kampala Serena hotel. There are plans that will be taking place next year for a 2 day event. As one of the days will include a open day to the public. This will bring the added advantage of a wider audience who will be able to appreciate South African wines and also to create awareness of the wine industry.

Wine tourism is a great way for people to taste the different and aged wines that a country such as South Africa is able to produce. Wine tourism has a history that can be marketed and further introduced into different countries. Due to the different ages of wines a story can be told of how the grapes of a certain region needs to become ripe and at a certain shape or look in order to appreciate the taste and the body of the wine. South Africa is a leading destination that provides a great plate form for wines as they are know and creating more awareness to the world about their wines.

Source: Musasizi,Simon.(2013). When Kampala Wined the South African way. Retrieved on October 28th,2013 from


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