Morocco: Fancy your chances at Golf!

The Moroccan National Tourist Office in London is currently promoting the up and coming Moroccan Golf Championship in the United Kingdom.

The competition will host 10 golfing tournaments in England which will be sponsored by MNTO and out of the people that play in the tournament, the runners up will make their way to the London Golf Club on October 1st.

Currently more that 1200 amateur men and women golfers have signed up for the course. Fantastic prize are to be won which also include a golfing holiday in Morocco.

Morocco want to establish their country as the “kingdom of Golf” and with 40 courses that can be found within their boundaries shows that they are very serious about their Golf.

Golf courses have been constructed in places like Marrakech which currently have 5 golf courses that where built by internationally acclaimed architects as Jack Nicklaus and Kyle Philips. More golf courses are to open soon and within the upcoming years.

Golf the main point of the game is to put the small ball into a hole. Sounds easier said than done. The game is for the focused and patient, as the game demands from you accuracy. The 18 hole courses that are normally built are long and take time to get around before getting to the 18th hole. So if you fancy your chances at playing golf and want to take a swing at some balls then make you way to morocco and try your luck at some of their golf courses.


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Mozambique: The nation is safe for Tourists

Mozambique is a safe destination for tourists to travel to for the people who plan on making plans to travel to Maptuo or to the countries beaches.  The South African high commissioner to Mozambique Mr Charles Nqakula had explained this on November 6th.

This wasn’t announced on the air of the South African radio station “Radio 702” Nqakula explained that the current political instability due to the Renamo. Since the FADM occupied the Renamo Headquarters at satunjira.

Meeting have been set up and talks are still going on to stabilize the problems.

Charles Nqakula explained that South Africa has both political and economic interests in Mozambique and” anything that threatens the country is actually threatening us as well”

Mr Nqakula had expressed his opinion on the current situation as the government “insists on peace, stability and security in Mozambique.


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Uganda: Tombs to be reconstructed

Charles Peter Mayiga   plans on helping and restructuring the Kasubi royal tombs and re-capturing the kingdoms assets that the central government is currently retaining. Such a move can cause problems between the Buganda and the Ugandans.

Just last week reconstruction of the royal tombs tock place and since Mayiga’s mission started the mission has been gaining momentum.   The royal tombs are a world cultural heritage site.

 A mysterious fire in March 2010 has burnt down four of the Buganda’s former kings tombs which later caused a few protests among the Buganda. Fund raising was implemented and the government has chipped in with a Shs 2bn for restructuring.

After the burning of the tomb there has been a fair amount of interest in the reconstructing of the tombs for the Buganda Kingdom. This has brought about a notice that only the interest of the Buganda people will keep the culture alive.

Only two months ago Katikkiro Mayiga implemented a fresh new plan to raise Shs 3bn to build a perimeter wall around the treasures now being rebuilt. He hope that the building will be completed by March 16th,2014

Over the past few months the drive for the rebuilding of the tombs has been able to bring about a Shs 738m.

The roads of Kasubi where awash with a great deal of people as they all came out to praise the kingdom in which they were in support of Mayiga’s campaign.

Supporters showed their support by bring bricks and some parted with money as this was all going to be used to help rebuild some of the structures. Mayiga swore that not a brick or ounce of cement would be lost.

According to a member of the tombs reconstruction committee named Charles Sserugga Matovu  the kingdom has been able to obtaine all the needed funds for the reconstructing of the buildings.

“Its construction is moving on as planned, and the new drive we are spearheading has nothing to do with its restoration” implemented Sserugga.

Katikkiro Mayiga is overwhelmed with the construction that has taken place so far.

Amazed by the speed in which the construction  is taking place and the pase at which it is going Mayiga plans of extending the mandate of the Gwanga Mujie committee to cover other stalled projects.


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