Mozambique: The nation is safe for Tourists

Mozambique is a safe destination for tourists to travel to for the people who plan on making plans to travel to Maptuo or to the countries beaches.  The South African high commissioner to Mozambique Mr Charles Nqakula had explained this on November 6th.

This wasn’t announced on the air of the South African radio station “Radio 702” Nqakula explained that the current political instability due to the Renamo. Since the FADM occupied the Renamo Headquarters at satunjira.

Meeting have been set up and talks are still going on to stabilize the problems.

Charles Nqakula explained that South Africa has both political and economic interests in Mozambique and” anything that threatens the country is actually threatening us as well”

Mr Nqakula had expressed his opinion on the current situation as the government “insists on peace, stability and security in Mozambique.


Mozambique news agency.(2013).Mozambique:Nation safe for Hoildaymakers . Retrieved on Wednesday 13th November 2013 from


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