Morocco: Fancy your chances at Golf!

The Moroccan National Tourist Office in London is currently promoting the up and coming Moroccan Golf Championship in the United Kingdom.

The competition will host 10 golfing tournaments in England which will be sponsored by MNTO and out of the people that play in the tournament, the runners up will make their way to the London Golf Club on October 1st.

Currently more that 1200 amateur men and women golfers have signed up for the course. Fantastic prize are to be won which also include a golfing holiday in Morocco.

Morocco want to establish their country as the “kingdom of Golf” and with 40 courses that can be found within their boundaries shows that they are very serious about their Golf.

Golf courses have been constructed in places like Marrakech which currently have 5 golf courses that where built by internationally acclaimed architects as Jack Nicklaus and Kyle Philips. More golf courses are to open soon and within the upcoming years.

Golf the main point of the game is to put the small ball into a hole. Sounds easier said than done. The game is for the focused and patient, as the game demands from you accuracy. The 18 hole courses that are normally built are long and take time to get around before getting to the 18th hole. So if you fancy your chances at playing golf and want to take a swing at some balls then make you way to morocco and try your luck at some of their golf courses.


Breaking travel news.(2013).Morocco Launches new golf tourism push in Uk. Retrived on November18th Monday,2013 from


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