Zambia: Tourism founds don’t seem to be utilized to develop tourism infrastructure

Tourism founds have been allocated to the private sector of the tourism industry but unfortunately the funds are not being utilized. The funds  can be used to develop the infrastructure of the country in terms of tourism sites but it seems it is not yet being put into action. ‘

The Mister Sylvia Masebo explained that “ The facilities could also enable the sector to develop its products , research and training”. She also explained that during the review of the final draft of the tourism policy document that the introduction   of the tourism development fund for  the 2014 budget will facilitate long-term sustainability of the  industry.

The funds  will be allocated to the Tourism and Development fund  which will give more weight to the tourism and hospitality act which insists that research ,training and development should be promoted to help improve development.

Ms Masebo held talks with the private sector on the modalities of the tourism levy.

She explained that the ministry had established the Tourism  development credit facility which had been transferred to the citizen economic empowerment commission (CEEC).” We are however , still responsible for administering repayments for disbursements made before transfer of the facility, “Ms Masebo.

From the eyes of a traveler’s perspective they would be able to see that they there is not a lot of activities going on as the tourism infrastructure is not there. The demand to improve the tourism infrastructure, gives tourists more of a reason to stay , it increase arrival status and creates a fun and buzzing atmosphere for potential tourists .

“It is also important to make Zambia an exciting and growing destination that realizes its full potential and rewards the tourists with unique authentic and treasured experiences, Ms Masebo had explained.

“ In this state of unrealized potential , the role of  the tourism policy document, once adopted will  enable us during the implementation process to  realize the full potential of Zambian tourism” she said

The document should whiled a great deal of influence over people to make them feel compelled to initiate the funds  explained Ms Masebo.  

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Tanzania: Tourism Industry is expanding in Zanzibar

The potential  for the tourism industry is on the rise. The celebration that is planned to be in January called “revolution day” has gained a large share of the potential market that will be coming to Tanzania. Hoteliers are happy as a lot of tourist plan on coming into their borders.

Plans have been made and put into action that is currently helping hotels that are found on the island of Zanzibar. The Hotels which have been built are fantastic. An international tour plan of hotels was done as it showed how advanced and developed the country was with its hotels. The dream of Zanzibar and Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and spa where seen and complimented the island.

Mr George Kiruku the Marketting manager for the Hideaway Nungwi Resort and spa explained that the hotel has improved the economy and is the place to be.

Rooms at the hotel ranges  from $400 to $4000 per night and most of the time the hotel is fully booked. Business is good and a lot of people and the hotels enjoy investing in the island he explained.

The dream of Zanzibar Resort manager Mr Allan Ochsner explained that the climate for doing business at the island is great. The hotel has a total of 157 rooms but on average more than 200 guest come to the hotel. The hotel has been around for the last 5 years and contributes to the making up of  the dream of Zanzibar resorts.

Lately there have been shortages of food supplies that are making their way to the island and so Dr Miragi Ukuti Ussi the planning officer of the Zanzibar Tourism Commission (ZTC).  Explained that talks were underway between farmers to increase their quality and quantity of food production. He also explained that development plans for the agriculturally sector are part of the government plans.

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