Tanzania: Tourism Industry is expanding in Zanzibar

The potential  for the tourism industry is on the rise. The celebration that is planned to be in January called “revolution day” has gained a large share of the potential market that will be coming to Tanzania. Hoteliers are happy as a lot of tourist plan on coming into their borders.

Plans have been made and put into action that is currently helping hotels that are found on the island of Zanzibar. The Hotels which have been built are fantastic. An international tour plan of hotels was done as it showed how advanced and developed the country was with its hotels. The dream of Zanzibar and Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and spa where seen and complimented the island.

Mr George Kiruku the Marketting manager for the Hideaway Nungwi Resort and spa explained that the hotel has improved the economy and is the place to be.

Rooms at the hotel ranges  from $400 to $4000 per night and most of the time the hotel is fully booked. Business is good and a lot of people and the hotels enjoy investing in the island he explained.

The dream of Zanzibar Resort manager Mr Allan Ochsner explained that the climate for doing business at the island is great. The hotel has a total of 157 rooms but on average more than 200 guest come to the hotel. The hotel has been around for the last 5 years and contributes to the making up of  the dream of Zanzibar resorts.

Lately there have been shortages of food supplies that are making their way to the island and so Dr Miragi Ukuti Ussi the planning officer of the Zanzibar Tourism Commission (ZTC).  Explained that talks were underway between farmers to increase their quality and quantity of food production. He also explained that development plans for the agriculturally sector are part of the government plans.

Source: Saiboko,A.(2013). Tanzania: Investors Relish Booming Zanzibar Tourism Industry Retrived on Friday 13th December 2013 from http://allafrica.com/stories/201312130974.html


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